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How to Join YC, Raise $2M, and Land Fortune 500 Clients After Setbacks
Meet Philippe Noël, Co-founder & CEO at ParadeDB: Philippe Noël is the Co-founder and CEO of ParadeDB, a company that is revolutionizing database technology by offering an alternative to Elasticsearch built on Postgres. With a strong entrepreneurial background,...
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How We Foster Community and Career Growth for Latiné in Tech
Meet Joliz Cedeño, Executive Director at Techqueria: Joliz Cedeño is the Executive Director at Techqueria, a thriving community of Latiné tech professionals. Born in New York City and raised in Puerto Rico, Joliz’s upbringing highlighted the power of community...
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How Enable’s CEO grew the company 20x and raised $290M
Meet Andrew Butt, CEO at Enable: Andrew Butt, CEO of Enable, has seamlessly merged his passions for aviation and computing into a notable career in tech leadership. His journey began in the UK as a teenager when he volunteered at a helicopter flying school, offering his...
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How We Built a Leader in Fintech with 26M Active Accounts
Meet Ohad Samet, Co-founder and CEO at TrueML: Ohad Samet is a seasoned entrepreneur whose career began with a startup that evolved into Fraud Sciences, later acquired by PayPal. With a decade of experience in PayPal’s Bay Area operations, he co-founded Signified...
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How We Create a Tech-Culture that Transcends Borders
Meet Jason Loyola, Head Of Information Technology at InDebted: Jason Loyola, the Head of Information Technology at InDebted, embodies the classic tale of a tech professional ascending from the help desk to the executive suite. Beginning with troubleshooting over the...
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From Developer to CTO: Leading a 260+ Global Remote Team
Meet Ian Crosby, Field CTO at Aptum: Ian Crosby is a seasoned tech professional with a diverse background. Beginning in software development, he contributed to building command centers for the Canadian Navy before transitioning to SaaS startups in Silicon Valley....
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How We Found Quality Talent in 17 U.S. States and Globally
Meet William Uranga, Director of Talent Acquisition at Spokeo: William Uranga is a seasoned tech professional with roots in Silicon Valley, where he graduated from San Jose State University. With a career spanning hardware and web-based technologies, he’s...
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Engineering Greatness: Tactics for Efficient Team Scaling
Meet Karim Fanous, Senior Vice President of Engineering at StrongDM: Karim Fanous is a tech leader with a diverse background spanning Microsoft and various startups. With over a decade at Microsoft in software development and product management, Karim transitioned to...