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With 10+ years shaping global teams, we guide you to the optimal model, prime location, and curate a dedicated team for your nearshore and offshore ambitions.
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Popular fears of offshore and nearshore teams

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Trust & Quality Control
How do we ensure trust and maintain quality control with a team we may never meet in person?
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Communication Breakdowns
How do we prevent communication breakdowns due to time zone differences, language barriers, or technological issues?
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Cultural Misalignment
What if cultural differences lead to misunderstandings or conflicts within the team?
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Regulatory compliance errors
How do we navigate complex foreign laws, and what are the consequences if we get it wrong?
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Hidden costs & financial risks
Are there unforeseen expenses or financial risks that could derail the project or affect our bottom line?
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Security concerns
How do we ensure that our data and systems remain secure across different jurisdictions and varying levels of cybersecurity regulation?

Craft Your Engineering Edge: Offshore or Nearshore

Simplify your choice with our expert guidance and find the world-class engineering team your project deserves!
Offshore Team
Building offshore teams allows your company to tap into global markets, accessing top-tier talent while optimizing costs. It's the smart choice for businesses looking to innovate and compete on a global scale, with the added benefit of operational flexibility.
What’s included:
  • Access to a diverse international talent pool
  • Significant cost savings on labor and operations
  • Operational flexibility across time zones
  • Enhanced innovation through diverse cultural insights
  • Seamless integration with local market dynamics
Nearshore Team
Nearshore team development provides the convenience of close cultural ties and similar time zones, facilitating communication and collaboration. It's perfect for businesses seeking a blend of cost-effectiveness and agile coordination for real-time innovation.
What’s included:
  • Cultural affinity and geographic closeness to your core team
  • Synchronized workflows in shared or neighboring time zones
  • Cost-effective talent solutions with nearshore advantages
  • Swift adaptability and scaling to project demands
  • Smooth operational integration for accelerated growth

Countries we cover

Hire & contract in 20+ countries within US & EU time zones
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Roles we work with

Senior software engineers, architects, DevOps, QA with expertise working in SaaS, Healthcare, Payments, Blockchain, WealthTech, Trading across hundreds of technologies with a mastery of the most cutting-edge applications.
Top-tier, globally-sourced Product Managers, UX/UI Designers, and Data Analysts specializing in SaaS, FinTech, E-commerce, AI, etc. Each expert is vetted by leading US companies, ensuring world-class talent in bringing digital products from concept to market.
Dynamic Sales & Marketing professionals adept in navigating the global market. Specializing in digital marketing, strategic sales, and customer engagement, our candidates excel in driving growth and building brand presence internationally.

Engineered by Our Teams, Powered by Technology

Our engineering teams are the backbone of innovation, equipped with latest technologies to power up your projects, no matter where you are in the world.
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Ruby on Rails
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Calculate the costs of hiring offshore & nearshore contractors

If you are still need to figure out how and where exactly you are planning to hire new team memmers, set up a call for a free consultation

What our clients think about Globy

Barry Peterson
Co-founder and CTO
I'm definitely happy to recommend Globy. They have been a great partner for us and ultimately helped fill 11 senior typescript dev roles over the last few months. They did a great job of sending us talent that matched our expectations and never felt like I was wasting any time -- a feeling I've had working with other recruiters.
Will Kessler
Head of Product
Globy has been extra-proactive in procuring high-quality LatAm candidates, explaining the intricacies of off-shore hiring rules, and exhibiting excellent follow-through. Globy has been super-responsive. Will continue to hire through them!
VP of Engineering
When we set out to develop our LatAm hiring strategy, the first and best thing we did was seek a partner who knew how to operate in this environment. Globy blew us away with their professionalism and expertise. They supported us as true partners by seeking first to understand our organization, culture and objectives and then sourcing the best candidates possible for our needs.
Max Klein
Co-Founder and CEO
Globy, has been a tremendous partner for us as an early-stage startup to scale our engineering org quickly. With Globy, we were able to hire several high-quality JS engineers in half of the time it took us to get to a final round offer with one candidate! I would absolutely recommend them for anyone looking to build a high-quality, global workforce.
Nas Kavian
Co-Founder and CTO
We’ve been working with Globy for almost 3 years and what I really appreciate is how quickly the Globy team moves. They allow us to save tons of time while building an outstanding engineering team! We tried a few service providers, and I must say that Globy was the best one
Claudio Riffeser
What I really like about Globy is the process, with clear visibility over the prospect pipeline by using AI tools, a modern approach fitting the needs of a young web3 start-up like ours, allowing us to hire talents in a very short time frame. I can vouch for them.
Eric Saar
Co-founder and CEO
Finding the first developer for our studio was a huge and intimidating step, but Globy made it easy. They were thoughtful, thorough, and fast right from our initial interaction. They asked detailed and perceptive questions to help fine-tune the search, and the candidates they delivered were spot-on from the start. We found a great candidate within a matter of weeks, and a few months later we are still thrilled with the results.
Jaime Dela Cruz
VP of Engineering
We were impressed by the speed of the recruitment process, their commitment, determination, quality, and ability to reach quality candidates in a short period of time. We hired several outstanding engineers who became a part of our core team, and we’re planning on hiring more with Globy!
Jennifer Rainess
VP of Talent Acquisition
Working with Globy has been an absolute pleasure! Globy's team is phenomenal. From the start, I have been impressed with their responsiveness and overall can-do attitude to get the job done. The Globy team is patient and listens to our needs always ensuring to deliver the best possible candidates. Their commitment to excellence in customer service truly sets them apart from the competition. If you are looking for full-service recruiting, onboarding and long term management, look no further than Globy.
Sameer Siruguri
Co-founder & CTO
We are very satisfied with the level of professionalism and support we have received from Globy. We have hired top senior Ruby engineers through your services and have received very positive feedback from you on some of our job descriptions. It is a great partnership, and we hope to continue growing together as our company expands.
Bob Reid
Co-founder & CEO
Globy consistently exceeded our expectations by delivering the project on time. Their frequent and prompt communication through virtual meetings ensured an effective workflow, making it a seamless experience for us. The quality of their engineers stood out as a hallmark of their dedication and professionalism. I highly recommend Globy for their exceptional service.

How it works

Define & Match
Share your role requirements and project goals with us. This enables us to leverage our global talent network to find candidates that align precisely with your specific needs.
Interview & Select
You conduct final interviews to select the perfect fit for your team. Rest assured, each candidate has been pre-vetted by Globy for skills and experience, and comes with a background of working for US companies.
Onboard & Integrate
Our team assists you in quickly integrating candidates into your team, ensuring they're ready to contribute as soon as possible.
Scale & Adapt
We handle the complexities of compliance, HR, and payroll, freeing you to concentrate solely on your project. As your partner, we're committed to supporting your growth and adapting to your changing needs.

Frequently asked questions

Set up a free consulating call with our expansion expert
What is Staff Augmentation and How Does it Differ from Traditional Hiring?
Staff augmentation provides temporary, skilled professionals to supplement your team, offering greater flexibility and faster hiring compared to traditional, long-term hiring processes.
How Does Globy Ensure the Quality and Fit of Candidates?
At Globy, we exclusively collaborate with talent who have prior experience working with US companies. Our vetting process is meticulously designed, incorporating thorough skill assessments and cultural fit analysis. This ensures each candidate is not only highly skilled but also aligns perfectly with the standards and expectations of US companies, meeting your specific project needs.
What are the Legal and Compliance Considerations When Hiring Internationally?
Globy handles all international employment laws, tax, and compliance issues, ensuring a hassle-free hiring process for our clients.
How is Remote Collaboration Managed and Optimized?
With over 10 years of experience in assembling engineering teams for a wide range of tech companies in the US, from startups to large public organizations, we at Globy bring a wealth of knowledge and best practices to the table. We provide tailored recommendations and support to help you establish a proven communication process. This ensures effective remote collaboration and guarantees seamless integration with your existing teams, optimizing productivity and team dynamics.
Can Clients Directly Manage Augmented Staff?
Clients have full autonomy to manage augmented staff directly, while Globy provides ongoing support and ensures smooth operations.
What Happens if a Hired Candidate Doesn’t Meet Expectations?
In the rare case a candidate doesn’t meet expectations, we offer a replacement policy and work closely with the client to resolve any issues promptly.