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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about Globy's services
What is Globy?
We are a US-based talent acquisition agency specializing in assisting tech companies to discover, assess, and hire the world's most thoroughly vetted talent within the US & EU time zones.
Is Globy an EOR provider?
No, Globy does not directly serve as an Employer of Record (EOR) provider. However, our extensive network and close relationships with the world’s leading EOR providers, such as Deel, Oyster, and Velocity Global, place us in a unique position. We act as an impartial consultant, leveraging our insights and expertise to guide you in selecting the EOR provider that offers the most effective solution tailored to your specific needs. Think of us as your unbiased advisor, committed to helping you make the best choice for your business.
Do you provide both recruitment services for direct hire and stuffing services?
Yes, at Globy, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including both global talent acquisition and staff augmentation. Our talent acquisition services are primarily focused on US companies looking to hire directly in Latin America and Europe, aiming to build a global core team with exceptional talent that not only delivers results but also contributes positively to the company's culture. In addition, our staff augmentation services cater to the need for outstanding talent in various locations, providing skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate into your projects for medium to long-term engagements.
What is the difference between direct hiring and staff augmentation services?
Direct hiring refers to the process of recruiting individuals to become full-time members of your organization, integrating them into your core team. This approach is ideal for long-term, strategic roles where a permanent employee is essential. On the other hand, staff augmentation services involve temporarily adding skilled professionals to supplement your existing team. These individuals are typically hired for specific projects or to address short-term needs, offering flexibility and expertise without the long-term commitment of a full-time hire.
What is the difference between Staff Augmentation service and Captive Team services?
Staff Augmentation service is about supplementing your existing team with additional, specialized professionals on a temporary basis. This approach is ideal for short-term projects or to fill specific skill gaps, offering flexibility and expertise without long-term commitments. In contrast, Captive Team services involve setting up and managing a dedicated team that operates as an extension of your own organization, usually in a different location. This model is more suitable for long-term collaboration, offering greater control and integration with your company's culture and processes, while still maintaining the benefits of remote or global staffing.
How can you assist my business with Expansion or Localization as a talent acquisition agency?
At Globy, our expertise extends beyond mere talent acquisition; we specialize in aiding companies navigating new market expansions. A key aspect of successful business expansion is understanding the local market landscape. This requires professionals who are not only skilled but also deeply familiar with local realities and nuances. We can connect you with such talent. Our extensive pool of local professionals in each specific country we cover ensures that you have access to individuals who can effectively bridge the gap between global aspirations and local execution. Whether it's market insights, cultural nuances, or local business practices, our talent network is equipped to provide the localized expertise essential for your expansion success.