Meet Ian Crosby, Field CTO at Aptum:

Ian Crosby is a seasoned tech professional with a diverse background. Beginning in software development, he contributed to building command centers for the Canadian Navy before transitioning to SaaS startups in Silicon Valley. Fascinated by DevOps, Ian ventured into consultancy, specializing in cloud technologies. Now, as Field CTO at Aptum, he guides companies in adopting cloud solutions, drawing on his wealth of experience and expertise.

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The Power of Cloud and Open Source

In the latest installment of Default Global, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ian Crosby, the Field CTO at Aptum. With a wealth of experience spanning software development, DevOps, and professional managed services, Ian shared his journey and offered insightful reflections on the tech trends dominating the industry.

Journey to the Tech Frontier

Ian’s journey started with building command centers for the Canadian Navy, an interesting yet archaic tech experience. His career traversed through Silicon Valley and DevOps space, exposing him to the dynamic energy of tech startups. As he explored the potential of containers and Docker technologies, his passion for consulting bloomed. Today, at Aptum, he’s helping companies adapt and adopt cloud-based technologies.

The Changing Landscape of Cloud Native Technologies

Having witnessed Cloud Native Con Europe grow from hundreds to over 12,000 attendees, Ian acknowledges the massive growth and adoption of cloud-native technology. As more enterprises adopt this tech, the focus has shifted from creating new features to ensuring reliability and security. Ian’s quote, “different types of organizations have adopted this technology… and it’s been really interesting to see that change in that adoption,” highlights this change.

The Role of Open Source in Cloud Native Development

Despite recent challenges, open source remains at the heart of cloud-native development. However, it’s also facing the tough question of establishing viable business models. Ian acknowledges these difficulties but can’t envision a tech scene without open source.

Navigating Remote Work

Aptum, being a remote-first company, had an easier transition during the pandemic. However, Ian did acknowledge the initial challenge of building relationships without face-to-face contact. Despite this, he believes the shift to remote work enforces best communication practices, providing the freedom to work when it suits an individual best.

Qualities of an Exceptional Engineer

Analyzing what makes an exceptional engineer, Ian emphasizes the importance of excellent communication skills and an innate curiosity. The ability to translate technical details to a non-technical audience stands out as a key skill. He also values individuals eager to learn new technologies, recognizing their potential to bring innovative solutions to the table.

The Future of Global Hiring

On the topic of global hiring, Ian believes we’ve seen a significant shift away from the traditional tech centers. The availability of global talent opens doors for tech people everywhere, creating opportunities for individuals irrespective of their location.

Ian’s conversation truly demystifies the evolving tech industry, and his insights into cloud-native tech, open source, and remote work provide key takeaways for all tech enthusiasts.