Meet William Uranga, Director of Talent Acquisition at Spokeo:

William Uranga is a seasoned tech professional with roots in Silicon Valley, where he graduated from San Jose State University. With a career spanning hardware and web-based technologies, he’s transitioned from individual contributor to leading teams. Now based in Phoenix, Arizona, William serves as the Director of Talent Acquisition at Spokeo, offering expertise in global hiring, remote work, and employment compliance. His insights into employment law and contracting dynamics provide valuable perspectives for navigating the modern tech landscape.

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In a recent episode of Default Global, I talked to William Uranga, Director of Talent Acquisition at Spokeo. We discussed his strategies for acquiring talent on a global scale and touched upon topics ranging from team dynamics to transparency.

Building Excellent Teams

When asked about the importance of forming comprehensive teams, William stressed the necessity of intentional team-building.

He said:

“When you’re picking people, you’re not just picking people for the now. Can they do this immediately? But also, can they grow with us down the road?”

His focus on the combination of hard skills and soft skills, along with a person’s potential, underlines his approach to creating well-rounded teams.

Influences on Vision and Approach

William’s experiences in retained search environments and consumer-facing businesses shaped his approach to talent acquisition. He emphasized the need to tell compelling stories, have a business mindset, and understand customer dynamics. Also, his own experiences with job layoffs and unanswered interview calls have led his team at Spokeo to prioritize open communication and feedback to candidates.

The Value of Transparency

At Spokeo, transparency is key. William elaborated on how the value of openness shapes their talent acquisition strategy.

He explained:

“We try to look at the candidate’s journey…kind of like a map,”

This approach ensures that candidates understand what to expect at every stage of the hiring process and avoids potential misunderstandings.

The Influence of Company Evolution

As Spokeo has evolved from a social network aggregator to a people search engine, its hiring needs have changed as well. William highlighted the notable shift to hiring more salespeople with niche knowledge, such as understanding government-regulated data.

Global Hiring and Payroll Policy

When asked about Spokeo’s global hiring strategy, William confirmed that the company had begun hiring international talent due to the scarcity of certain skillsets within the US. They work with employers of record in various countries to handle legal and payroll matters.

When it comes to compensation, Spokeo maintains a uniform policy within the US, but adjusts packages to local standards when hiring internationally.

Amidst Regional Differences

For William, understanding regional differences is crucial when managing global teams. He mentioned how they had to adapt their approach to include international contractors in team meetings and company-wide events, and ensure that their voices are heard.

Future Trends in Talent Acquisition

Uranga predicts that the focus will shift from competencies to skills and that AI will play a significant role in hiring. He believes that these trends will improve efficiency and encourage creative problem-solving culture in organizations.

Advice for Tech Talent

William encourages tech talents interested in remote work to connect with potential employers via platforms like LinkedIn. He also urged job seekers to apply for roles that align with their current skills and career aspirations, even if they don’t match perfectly.

As he poignantly put it:

“If a role fits what you’re interested in and the fact that you have those skill sets and lineup, I’d welcome you to certainly or encourage people to certainly apply.”

Sharing these valuable insights, William showcased the importance of transparency, the power of growth-oriented team-building, and the vast potential of global talent acquisition in today’s digital age. His perspective on the future trends in talent acquisition underscores the need for adaptability and agility in the evolving tech talent landscape.