Meet Ohad Samet, Co-founder and CEO at TrueML:

Ohad Samet is a seasoned entrepreneur whose career began with a startup that evolved into Fraud Sciences, later acquired by PayPal. With a decade of experience in PayPal’s Bay Area operations, he co-founded Signified and Analyzed, the latter acquired by Klarna. Now, as CEO of TrueML, Ohad’s expertise spans startups, acquisitions, and management roles. Originally from Israel, he now resides in Sweden with his family, bringing a wealth of knowledge to global hiring, remote work, and employment compliance.

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Starting Out and Building TrueML

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Ohad Samet, CEO and Co-founder of TrueML, who shared his journey from being an early employee of Fraud Sciences to leading the helm at TrueML after stints with PayPal and Klarna.

He highlighted the importance of being at the right place at the right time, commenting:

“It’s been always like startups and large companies that acquired them and a lot of luck in between.”

Geographical Influence and Business Approach

Throughout our conversation, Ohad emphasized how his diverse geographical background shaped his approach to business.

Ohad said:

“The experience in Klarna was very interesting”

“You may have some unifying regulatory oversight or framework, but you do have different markets and behave very differently…those were very interesting experiences to have.”

Effectively Transforming Debt Collection

TrueML is at the forefront of transforming the debt collection process from aggressive calls to low-key, digital-based experiences. Ohad stated that his experiences at Klarna and PayPal led to the development of TrueML, focusing on an underserved segment.

According to Ohad:

“We’ve proven that our product works better and consumers prefer it.”

Navigating International Expansion

While discussing TrueML’s future plans, Ohad shared his thoughts on potential international expansion. Despite the challenges brought up by regulatory complexities, he remains optimistic about the opportunities present.

He noted:

“We operate in a highly regulated environment by design. And that means that going into new markets is something we have to be very careful about.”

The Power of Remote Work

On the topic of remote work, Ohad revealed that post-COVID, the company has leaned towards hiring talent where it exists. His advice for creating a productive remote work environment is to accept the new norm and adapt.

He said:

“People are self-selecting into these jobs where you feel comfortable with the remote work environment, and they have that option. I think that’s really cool.”

Importance of Investor Relationships

Ohad emphasized the need for clear communication and understanding of roles while dealing with investors.

He pointed out:

“Investors are great as long as you know what to expect. They’re not your friends and it’s not a bad thing. They need to hold you accountable to the money that they gave you.”


Engaging with Ohad allowed me to delve deep into the workings of TrueML and the fintech industry. His insights on navigating different market challenges, particularly those related to remote work and effective debt recovery systems, are eye-opening. Ohad’s determination to make a difference in the financial ecosystem, coupled with his strategic vision for TrueML, certainly makes him an inspiring figure in the industry.