Meet Andrew Butt, CEO at Enable:

Andrew Butt, CEO of Enable, has seamlessly merged his passions for aviation and computing into a notable career in tech leadership. His journey began in the UK as a teenager when he volunteered at a helicopter flying school, offering his technical skills to improve their systems in exchange for flying lessons. This unique experience connected him with successful business people and inspired his entrepreneurial spirit. Meeting his co-founder at the flying school ultimately led to the creation of Enable. Today, Andrew drives innovation in global hiring, remote work, and employment compliance, helping businesses navigate the complexities of modern employment.

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Quick Read: Andrew Butt, CEO at Enable, Interview Highlight

In the latest episode of Default Global, I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Butt, CEO of Enable, a company that’s revolutionising the business sector with rebate management software. Andrew’s fascinating journey from a passion for flying and computing to leading a globally impactful company is undeniably inspiring.

Transition from Custom Services to a Unique Product

Discussing the genesis of Enable, Andrew shared how his passion for computing led him to build custom software systems for various businesses, eventually identifying a common need – rebate management.

Andrew recalls:

“We identified some common themes and found, you know, rebate management as being a really big problem that a lot of people had, and that there was no modern competition.”

This realisation sparked the transformative journey of Enable from a service-based operation to a product-oriented enterprise.

Strategies Driving Remarkable Growth

Andrew attributes Enable’s impressive growth to a blend of strategic initiatives, market understanding, and skilled personnel. Building a genuine product proved to be the first significant step. The company’s growth snowballed after securing its first few customers and success stories.

Andrew noted:

“Once we’d got those success stories and very happy customers and we could see how big the problem and how big the market was, then it was about adding go-to-market skills.”

Global Expansion: Addressing Unique Challenges

When discussing global expansion, Andrew highlighted the importance of start small, grow steady approach. This strategy involved setting up lean teams in various locations, starting with ones showing high customer demand. Although the process involved hurdles, including managing cash constraints and meeting high expectations during COVID, Andrew considers it straightforward, stressing that “good people and good advisors” are essential for success.

Maintaining a Global, Connected Team

In the face of managing a global workforce, the Enable CEO emphasised the importance of clarity and repetition in communicating the company’s vision and values.

He said:

“Having every possible meeting, whether it is on Zoom or whether it’s face-to-face, really going through as a team what these six questions are, it’s really good to create that clarity.”

Advice to Aspiring Global Entrepreneurs

Reflecting on Enable’s journey, Andrew advises aspiring entrepreneurs to find common ground while exploring global opportunities. He encourages starting small and ensuring a strong team is in place before making significant moves.

Andrew advises:

“Really kind of go for it because…It’s really not that difficult to open up in a new country. It’s certainly my experience.”

In conclusion, Andrew Butt offers an enriching and insightful perspective on building a globally successful company. At the heart of Enable’s success is a commitment to understanding customer needs, building a strong team, and maintaining clarity in vision and values. As the company continues to grow, it remains committed to turning rebate management into a strategic profession – a journey that’s just started.