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Postgres+AI+Global Talent: A CTO’s Blueprint for Worldwide Growth
Meet Samay Sharma, CTO at Tembo: Samay Sharma, CTO at Tembo, boasts over a decade in database expertise, primarily focused on Postgres. From pioneering distributed databases at Cypress Data to founding a solutions engineering team at Citus, he’s been on the...
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The Great Talent Migration: Shifting from Oil & Gas to Tech
Meet Giles Lewis, Talent Acquisition Leader: With 16 years in executive search and leadership hiring, Giles Lewis is a dynamic Global Talent Acquisition Leader. His journey spans executive search firms, Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia, Coupang in South Korea, and roles in...
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The Art of Effective Remote Recruitment
Meet Victoria Vega, Talent Acquisition Specialist at eSimplicity: Victoria Vega, Talent Acquisition Specialist at eSimplicity, embarked on a unique career journey that transcends nonprofits, data science, and recruitment. Starting in workforce development, she...
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Exploring HR & Financial Synergy in Tech Companies
Meet Yan Gelman, Senior Global HR Leader: Yan Gelman, a dynamic HR leader, started his career in accounting before making a deliberate shift towards HR to make a more substantial impact on people. With a track record of aiding emerging companies globally, he specializes...
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Mastering Remote Leadership: Lessons from Skillable’s Head of Remote Operations
Meet Jessica Zeba-Snow, Head of Remote Operations and Culture at Skillable: Jessica Zeba-Snow, Head of Remote Operations and Culture at Skillable, blends a rich career journey in executive leadership and public health. Her trajectory encompasses guiding organizations...
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Driving Business Success through AI: Insights from Slang AI
Meet Celine Hu, Chief of Staff at Slang: Celine’s career started in Boston’s consulting scene, offering due diligence services for private equity firms. Eager for a deeper understanding of company operations, she transitioned to Uber’s people analytics...
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How to Hire & Scale Globally
Meet Lusely Martinez, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner: Meet Lusely Martinez, a seasoned HR professional since 2015. From building recruiting teams to managing candidate experiences, she navigated tech layoffs and emerged as the sole recruiter at Compliant. Now at...
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Engineering Leadership in the Age of Decentralization
Meet Ashwin Baskaran, VP of Engineering at 0x: Meet Ashwin Baskaran, the VP of Engineering at 0x, featured on the Default Global podcast. With a career spanning from the mid-90s, Ashwin’s journey began in satellite network protocol development, leading to two...