Meet Lusely Martinez, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner:

Meet Lusely Martinez, a seasoned HR professional since 2015. From building recruiting teams to managing candidate experiences, she navigated tech layoffs and emerged as the sole recruiter at Compliant. Now at Syndio, a workplace equity platform, she collaborates on optimizing talent acquisition processes. Join us on Default Global for insights into her dynamic career and perspectives on global hiring, remote work, and employment trends.

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Lusely Martinez’s Career Journey

In the latest episode of Default Global, I had the pleasure to explore the world of global hiring and workplace equity with Lusely Martinez, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Syndio and founder of First Gen Lab. Martinez shared her career journey, starting in 2015, and her experiences in scaling businesses. Notably, she was instrumental in building the recruiting team at CodeSignal, where she honed her skills in data-based decision making and skill-based hiring.

Key Lessons in Recruiting and Evolution in Strategy

When asked about her approach to recruiting, Lusely emphasized the need to focus on the hiring manager as the first user and understand their pain points. She spoke about the importance of structuring the hiring process to learn from each iteration and enhance decision making.

“It’s important to evolve the process, be flexible with the process, but also coach your team on the reasons why certain things are necessary because you’re trying to avoid them making some mistakes,” she said.

Fostering Cross-Cultural Communication

Lusely highlighted the importance of cross-cultural communication in operational growth within multinational organizations. At CodeSignal and Syndio, they practiced global hiring and encouraged curiosity and openness to understand diverse cultures. She emphasized the need to use straightforward language in cross-cultural communication, fostering interest across multiple countries and verticals.

First Gen Lab and Empowering First-Gen Talent

Lusely shared her initiative, First Gen Lab, aimed at assisting first-generation individuals and businesses to navigate the corporate and startup world. Through providing professional development and growth, she hopes to share her unique knowledge and experiences gained from multiple ventures.

Syndio’s Pay Equity Software

At Syndio, they have developed a pay equity software that helps companies quickly analyze and resolve pay gaps. The platform has three products, PayEQ, OpEQ, and PayFinder, each serving a specific purpose in identifying and addressing potential inequities.

Global Hiring and Compensation Strategy

Lusely spoke about Syndio’s approach to global hiring and compensation strategy, focusing on talent hub cities and being cost-effective. They have also adopted strategies for fair compensation, such as conducting careful compensation analysis and maintaining the same rate for a role regardless of the location.

Talent Acquisition Tactics and Challenges in Remote Hiring

In terms of talent acquisition, Lusely prefers to use LinkedIn and niche job boards, depending on the location. She stressed the importance of using a robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage the high volume of applications and ensure a fair hiring process. She advised global tech talents to research thoroughly and find organizations that align with their needs and growth goals.

In conclusion, Lusely Martinez’s insights provide a clear understanding of the challenges and strategies in global hiring, workplace equity, and fostering cross-cultural communication. Her passion for empowering first-gen talent and her dedication to creating fair and equitable workplace practices are truly inspiring.