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Remote Work Mastery with GitLab: Strategies for Global Hiring and Self-Management
Meet Laurel Farrer, Principal Strategy / Operations at GitLab: Laurel Farrer is a Principal Strategy and Operations professional at GitLab with a 17-year career journey in remote work. As an organizational development strategist, she has worked with several...
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Cracking the Code of Remote Hiring: Candor’s Two-Week Work Trial
Meet Kelsey Bishop, Founder at Candor: Kelsey Bishop is the Founder of Candor, a company that helps people find belonging at work. Kelsey’s personal experience of the importance of culture fit in her own happiness at work led her to start Candor two years ago....
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From Cultural Differences to Global Connection: Nurturing Trust in Remote Work
Meet Kate Lister, President of Global Workforce Analytics: With a diverse background in banking and running unique businesses such as flying vintage airplanes from World War II and the 1920s, Kate Lister from Global Workforce Analytics has spent the last two decades...
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Breaking Barriers: Secure Global Hiring and Scaling in Latin America
Meet Gabriel Puliatti, Founder / CEO at Emptor: Gabriel Puliatti is the CEO and founder of Emptor, a technology platform that helps companies hire and scale in Latin America safely and efficiently. Embodying the spirit of Default Global, Gabriel is an American Peruvian...
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From Layoffs to Global Talent: The Evolution of Hiring Strategies
Meet Jan-Peter Böckstiegel Jan-Peter Böckstiegel is the Vice President of Global Infrastructure at WorkMotion. He leads a team responsible for the company’s global EoR partner network, in-house in-country operations, payroll partner network, benefits and...