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The Art of High-Stakes Recruitment: A Masterclass with Google’s Ex-Talent Guru
Meet Adam Redlich, Founder at Redlich Talent Advisors: Adam Redlich, Founder of Redlich Talent Advisors, boasts 34 years in talent acquisition and people operations. From agency recruitment to shaping Google’s Southern California engineering presence...
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Demystifying AI in Recruitment: Moonhub
Meet Teddy Owen, Chief of Staff at Moonhub: Teddy Owen, Chief of Staff at Moonhub, is a dynamic HR professional with a career deeply rooted in HR, organizational development, and talent management. Beginning at Deloitte Consulting, where he shaped talent strategies for...
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Redefining Work Culture: 4-Day Work Week
Meet Ryan-Mae McAvoy, Director of People Operations at Blackthorn: With over a decade of experience spanning diverse sectors, Ryan-Mae McAvoy found her professional home at Blackthorn in 2021. Recognized for her energy and expertise, she joined as an early hire,...
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Cracking the Code on Candidate Trust
Meet Troy Sultan, Co-founder & CEO at Guide: Troy Sultan, Co-founder & CEO at Guide, began his tech journey at, where his accidental foray into recruitment sparked a passion for improving the hiring process. He co-founded Resource,...
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Reasons Not to Pay for Job Boards in 2024
Meet Taylor Roa, Director of Talent & Culture at Wistia: Taylor Roa’s journey into talent acquisition began unexpectedly on a Hawaiian beach. A chance encounter led his hospitality graduate to Tech Systems, where he discovered a passion for recruiting that...
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A New Era of HR: Leveraging AI for Talent Acquisition and Management
Meet Nicole Adams Kraus, Chief Talent Officer at SmarterX: Nicole Adams Kraus, Chief Talent Officer at SmarterX, merges diverse experiences from consulting and tech startups. Raised globally, her passion for diverse perspectives shapes her approach to problem-solving...
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Future of Hiring: The Power of AI and Community Engagement
Meet Hung Lee, Founder at Recruiting Brainfood: Hung Lee’s career spans a decade as an agency recruiter in the early internet era, sourcing web developers and tech talent in big cities. He later transitioned to in-house recruitment for burgeoning tech startups,...
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Reimagining Gaming: A Deep Dive into Societal Games
Meet Tyler Cloutier, Founder at Clockwork Labs: Tyler Cloutier, the founder of Clockwork Labs, boasts a diverse journey that began with a background in chemical engineering before diving into tech. His experiences at Bloomberg and Apple led him to MachineZone, where he...