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How We Built a Remote Food Empire in Four Continents – Eran Mizrahi
Meet Eran Mizrahi, CEO at Ingredient Brothers: Eran Mizrahi is the CEO and co-founder of Ingredient Brothers, a company reshaping global ingredient sourcing in the food industry. From his origins in South Africa to a career journey encompassing finance and culinary...
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How to Successfully Integrate Remote and Onsite Tech Teams
Meet Jeremy Thomas, VP of Engineering at Bonusly: Jeremy Thomas, VP of Engineering at Bonusly, defies norms with a liberal arts degree in Spanish. His tech journey started during the dot-com boom. Transitioning from management to software engineering, he managed teams...
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How We Grew Our Global VC Platform by 3X in a Year
Meet Nik Talreja, CEO at Sydecar: Nik Talreja, CEO of Sydecar, embodies entrepreneurship from childhood, witnessing his father’s resilience in rebuilding their lives. Despite starting in law, Nik’s passion for startups led him to Silicon Valley. Recognizing...
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How We Became a Global Leader in Business Localization
Meet Bryan Murphy, Chief Executive Officer at Smartling: Bryan Murphy is the Chief Executive Officer at Smartling, a leading force in translation and localization. With over three years at Smartling, Bryan, alongside Battery Ventures, recognized the $50 billion market...
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Leveraging AI for Global Payroll: A Deep Dive
Meet Albert Owusu-Asare, Co-Founder & CEO at Cadana: Albert Owusu-Asare, Co-Founder & CEO of Cadana, embarked on his journey from Ghana to the United States at 17. After working at Goldman Sachs, he co-founded Cadana with a vision to democratize opportunities...
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Jobgether: Pioneering the Global-first Approach in Remote Work
Meet Alexandre Hernandez, Co-Founder at Jobgether: Alexandre Hernandez, Co-Founder of Jobgether, embarked on his journey in recruitment over a decade ago, starting in London before establishing a branch in Paris. Fueled by a desire to redefine job search experiences,...
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Embracing Diversity in Global Teams: Insights from MailerLite
Meet Remigijus Golubevas, Chief People and Culture Officer at MailerLite: Meet Remigijus Golubevas, the dynamic Chief People and Culture Officer at MailerLite. With nearly eight years at the company, he started as a customer support representative, swiftly progressing...
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Scaling Internationally: Secrets from Praxent’s Recruitment Playbook
Meet Molly Middleton, Head of Recruiting at Praxent: Molly Middleton is a seasoned HR professional with extensive experience in talent acquisition and project management. With a degree in Human Resources from the University of Texas at Dallas, she began her career at a...