Meet Eran Mizrahi, CEO at Ingredient Brothers:

Eran Mizrahi is the CEO and co-founder of Ingredient Brothers, a company reshaping global ingredient sourcing in the food industry. From his origins in South Africa to a career journey encompassing finance and culinary arts, Eran’s path reflects his passion-driven approach to business.

Since its inception in 2021, Ingredient Brothers has seen remarkable growth under Eran’s leadership. The company now imports from 12 countries, with products stocked in numerous stores worldwide. With a team of 40 spanning Argentina, South Africa, the Philippines, and Colombia, Eran has successfully cultivated a diverse and distributed workforce.

Eran’s story embodies the fusion of passion, innovation, and entrepreneurship, driving transformative change in the global supply chain landscape.

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A Journey from Finance to Food

Eran’s journey to Ingredient Brothers began with his passion for food.

He explained:

“I’d always had a passion for food and ended up in the food industry and through that saw an opportunity to start Ingredient Brothers with a very simple premise of trying to improve the way companies source their ingredients from all over the world,”

Ingredient Brothers Today

Eran and his co-founder Alap started the business in the middle of 2021. Despite being a relatively young company, Ingredient Brothers has experienced rapid growth, now importing from 12 different countries and having their ingredients found in thousands of grocery stores and food stores around the country. Their team has grown from nine people to 40, distributed across Argentina, South Africa, and the Philippines, with a few people also in Colombia.

The Defining Moment

When asked about the defining moment that sparked the idea for Ingredient Brothers, Eran pointed to his experience in the finance world. He saw an opportunity in the discrepancies in pricing in the food industry, which he described as an inefficient market ripe for improvement.

Securing the First Client

Eran shared that their first clients came from their existing network in the industry, validating their idea and giving them the confidence to scale the business.

Building Global Supplier Partnerships

Building relationships with suppliers across 12 countries is a complex process.

“You need to show performance,”

Eran said, emphasizing the importance of trust, integrity, and ongoing relationship building in establishing good supplier partnerships.

Navigating Food Regulations

As a company that deals with diverse food regulations across different countries, Ingredient Brothers has invested heavily in building a compliance team.

Eran explained:

“We do have a compliance team that has rigorous standards in terms of being able to validate a product,”

Hiring a Global Team

Eran admits that the decision to hire globally was a bit of luck and timing due to the pandemic. However, it has been a defining factor in their success.

Eran proudly stated:

“Our DNA is building a global team with a global culture,”

The Power of Networking

Lastly, Eran highlighted the importance of networking in building meaningful and productive connections in business. He shared that even their competitors are friends as the market is so big, and there’s enough pie for everyone.

In conclusion, Eran Mizrahi’s journey with Ingredient Brothers is a testament to the power of following one’s passion, the importance of building trustful relationships, and the potential of a truly global team. His insights provide a valuable perspective for any aspiring entrepreneur looking to make their mark in the global business landscape.