Meet Remigijus Golubevas, Chief People and Culture Officer at MailerLite:

Meet Remigijus Golubevas, the dynamic Chief People and Culture Officer at MailerLite. With nearly eight years at the company, he started as a customer support representative, swiftly progressing to team lead. Today, he oversees the entire company, ensuring people across teams work passionately and positively. In his role for almost a year, Remis emphasizes the importance of enjoying work for success. Tune in to the Default Global podcast as he shares insights on global hiring, remote work, and navigating the ever-evolving tech industry landscape.

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In a recent episode of Default Global, I had an enlightening conversation with Remigijus Golubevas, Chief People and Culture Officer at MailerLite. We dived deep into the intricacies of building a remote-first culture and hiring talent worldwide.

Remigijus’s Journey with MailerLite

Remis shared his journey from a customer support representative to Chief People and Culture Officer at MailerLite. His love for helping people was the driving force behind his career progression.

He highlighted:

“when you enjoy and love your work, you’ll become really successful.”

Now, his role is ensuring everyone in the company, regardless of their jobs, perform their tasks with passion and a positive mindset.

MailerLite’s Global Presence

MailerLite, a subscription-based advanced email marketing solution provider, has a global presence in over 40 countries. The company has been remote-first for over 10 years, long before it became a trend. MailerLite’s diverse team, ranging from Asia to North and South America, has been key to its success.

Hiring Talent Globally

Instead of focusing on specific markets or continents, MailerLite prioritizes skills and personalities when hiring.

Remis mentioned:

“one of the most important factors for us is our values.”

The company attracts and retains talent by aligning their values with the candidate’s, creating a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Compensation Strategies

Transparency is a significant part of MailerLite’s culture, extending to compensation. The company uses a global framework for compensation, focusing more on the responsibilities, tasks, and impacts a team member has rather than their location.

Remis added:

“we focus on actually people, personality, skills rather than continents and countries.”

Managing Cultural Aspects

Despite operating in 40 countries, the company’s core values unite the team. MailerLite’s hiring process, focusing on creativity and matching values, helps them identify the right fit. They do not accept resumes but ask candidates to create a newsletter using their tool. This approach enables them to get a better insight into the candidate’s personality and creativity.

Instilling Accountability and Simplicity

MailerLite encourages its team members to take responsibility, not just in success, but also in acknowledging mistakes. This culture of accountability has significantly impacted the team dynamics and overall success. Remis shared that they trust their employees and encourage them to own their projects, leading to better motivation and focus.

Simultaneously, the company values simplicity in everything they do, from communication to projects. This approach saves time and makes the process easier for everyone involved.

In conclusion, Remis emphasized the importance of focusing on what’s important for your organization and building a solid foundation with shared values. He also encouraged leaders to experiment and transform as there’s no shortcut to business success. This insightful conversation with Remigijus painted a clear picture of how MailerLite has built a successful remote-first culture with a global team.