Meet Albert Owusu-Asare, Co-Founder & CEO at Cadana:

Albert Owusu-Asare, Co-Founder & CEO of Cadana, embarked on his journey from Ghana to the United States at 17. After working at Goldman Sachs, he co-founded Cadana with a vision to democratize opportunities globally. With a background in successful entrepreneurship and a passion for empowering others, Albert continues to reshape the landscape of global hiring and remote work, leaving a lasting impact on the tech leadership realm.

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Albert Owusu-Asare: The Journey to Cadana

In a recent episode of Default Global, I interviewed Albert Owusu-Asare, Co-Founder & CEO at Cadana. Albert’s journey began as a 17-year-old boy from Ghana, West Africa, who travelled to the U.S for education. From Goldman Sachs to becoming a CTO at Isuzu and now a CEO at Cadana, Albert believes his experiences across different roles have given him unique insights into nurturing individual contributors on his team. His transition to the role of CEO has allowed him to diversify his skills beyond software engineering, covering areas like marketing, finance, and investor relations.

Transforming Global Hiring with Cadana

The idea of Cadana was born out of Albert’s desire to create a world where people don’t have to leave their countries to live their version of the American dream. Cadana aims to make hiring from across the globe easier and compliant, eliminating the need for businesses to worry about operational hurdles. The company focuses on making the process simple and transparent, with a particular focus on Africa.

Introducing Instant Pay

One of Cadana’s unique offerings is Instant Pay, a service that allows workers to access part of their earnings early. This service can be a game-changer, particularly for workers in Africa, where the time value of money can be crucial. The company aims to enhance its financial services, enabling workers to save in USD and access a virtual card for transactions.

Securing Cadana’s First Client

When Cadana first began, securing clients was initially a challenge. Initially, Albert relied on LinkedIn and his existing network to secure their first client. However, the process was iterative and required persistence, with some prospects rejecting their offers. However, demonstrating value and emphasizing customer benefits eventually led to their first paying client.

Focusing on Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

Africa, according to Albert, offers a young, ambitious, and mostly English-speaking workforce. The region is becoming an attractive destination for businesses seeking to hire globally. While the majority of Cadana’s clients are based in the U.S, they have made payments to over 32 countries worldwide. The drive for most clients hiring in Africa is to find the best people to work for them, rather than expanding their business geographically.

The Future of Global Hiring

For entrepreneurs and tech leaders aiming to expand globally, Albert advises careful consideration of potential partners, particularly in the area of global payroll. He highlights the importance of understanding local labor laws, currency rates, and termination clauses. Furthermore, Albert encourages entrepreneurs to reach out to potential clients or employers directly, demonstrating their value through their understanding of the business or examples of their work. This proactive approach can often lead to new opportunities in the global market.