Meet Molly Middleton, Head of Recruiting at Praxent:

Molly Middleton is a seasoned HR professional with extensive experience in talent acquisition and project management. With a degree in Human Resources from the University of Texas at Dallas, she began her career at a Dallas hospital before transitioning to roles at Capital One and Google. Currently serving as the Head of Recruiting at Praxent, Molly leverages her expertise to enhance recruitment processes and manage outsourced engineering projects, driving organizational success in the tech industry.

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In a recent episode of Default Global, I had an engaging conversation with Molly Middleton, the Head of Recruiting at Praxent, a software development firm specializing in the FinTech industry. Molly shared insightful details about her journey in HR and recruiting, the challenges of global hiring, and the ways Praxent maintains a strong culture across different time zones.

Journey into HR and Recruiting

Molly knew from a young age she wanted to work in HR. She started her career at a hospital in Dallas while studying for her degree. Later on, she moved to recruiting roles at Capital One and Google before joining Praxent.

she said:

“The first three and a half years, I was helping to build out the recruiting function because Praxent didn’t have that at the time of my joining”

Adapting to Global Work Culture

In today’s globalized world, maintaining a strong company culture across different time zones is a challenge. However, Praxent managed to turn this into an opportunity.

Molly said:

“When it comes to remote work, communication is 100% key,”

“We host yearly in-person get-togethers for all of our countries…we also maintain a huddle every Friday where we get to come in as an organization and celebrate each other’s wins.”

Navigating Global Hiring

Praxent’s recruitment team has become adept at global hiring, focusing on building relationships with candidates and ensuring a good fit for both the candidate and the company.

When asked about the motivation behind going global, Molly said:

“Knowing that there’s just as qualified talent outside of the United States would be, I would say, probably the number one reason.”

Tools and Strategies for Global Hiring

Molly shared that Praxent uses a range of tools, including Lattice, Glassdoor, and Bamboo HR, to ensure a smooth hiring and onboarding process. They also conduct biannual compensation research to ensure fair and competitive compensation across different regions.

She also highlighted the importance of understanding financial regulations in different countries. At Praxent, all team members outside the United States are independent contractors.

Tips for Standing Out

For those looking to stand out among applicants, Molly advises showing excitement about the position and understanding the recruitment process.

she said:

“A lot of the developers that we recruit are excited to work with an American company, and then some of them are a little nervous about taking that leap,”

Trends in Global Hiring

Molly sees the hybrid work model continuing, with more businesses allowing employees to work remotely while maintaining in-person collaboration. She also emphasized the importance of prioritizing employee well-being and investing in cybersecurity measures.

The conversation with Molly offered an insightful look into the world of global hiring and remote work culture. It’s evident that these trends will continue to shape the future of work, and businesses need to adapt to stay ahead.