Meet Alexandre Hernandez, Co-Founder at Jobgether:

Alexandre Hernandez, Co-Founder of Jobgether, embarked on his journey in recruitment over a decade ago, starting in London before establishing a branch in Paris. Fueled by a desire to redefine job search experiences, Alexandre, alongside his co-founder Juan, launched Jobgether in March 2020. Despite never meeting in person for over a year and a half, they successfully built a fully remote team of 26 individuals spanning 13 nationalities across nine countries and four continents. Alexandre’s leadership epitomizes the transformative potential of remote work and his commitment to empowering global talent.

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The Journey of Jobgether

On a recent episode of Default Global, I had the pleasure of chatting with Alex Hernandez, Co-Founder of Jobgether. We delved into his 14-year journey in the recruitment industry, which began in London and eventually led to the creation of Jobgether.

Alex shared:

“We clicked on a very similar vision on how can we help people to find a much more meaningful job? Because your job is where you spend most of your time, most of your day.”

Today, Jobgether is a fully remote company with a diverse team spread across nine countries and four continents.

The Evolution of Remote Work

In our conversation, Alex shared invaluable insights on the evolution of global hiring and remote work.

he said:

“I don’t think COVID actually changed the way we work, but really accelerated that change to a much more flexible work”

He described the initial struggles companies faced during the sudden shift to remote work and how many have now realized that productivity isn’t tied to an office. Alex also highlighted the ongoing ‘war’ between companies and talent, with companies that understand and accept remote work winning the battle for talent.

The Unique Flex Score Feature

Alex went on to discuss Jobgether’s unique Flex Score feature. The platform scores job postings based on around 30 flexible criteria such as location flexibility and holiday allowances. This enables job seekers to find roles that truly suit their needs and desires for flexibility.

Trends and Future Aspirations

When asked about recent trends, Alex confirmed that while tech roles still dominate, other sectors like marketing, sales, and customer service are seeing an increase in remote work opportunities. He also mentioned the rapid growth of remote work in countries like Brazil, Germany, and the UK. In terms of Jobgether’s goals, Alex shared that they aim to list 100% of remote roles on the platform and are working on features to help talents stand out in the highly competitive remote job market.

Aiding Ukrainian Refugees

In addition to his work with Jobgether, Alex is also involved in a nonprofit organization that helps Ukrainian refugees. He shared how the project rapidly grew from four to 200 volunteers and how the organization has helped around 40,000 Ukrainian people find accommodation across Europe.

Advice for Global Entrepreneurs

To wrap up our conversation, I asked Alex for his advice for global entrepreneurs considering building international teams. His response was straightforward: “Just do it.” He urged entrepreneurs to be prepared and ensure they have the right tools and training in place before making the shift to remote work. He also emphasized the importance of making the office a place for socializing and communication, rather than a mandatory place to work.

In sum, my conversation with Alex Hernandez was filled with valuable insights on remote work, global hiring, and the future of work. It’s clear that embracing remote work is not just a trend but a fundamental shift in how we view and approach work. As global entrepreneurs, we must be ready to adapt and innovate to succeed in this new landscape.