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From Banking to Betting: The Journey of a Global-First Entrepreneur
Meet Matt Heiman, Founder and CEO at The Game Day: In a recent Default Global podcast, we spoke with Matt Heiman, CEO of The Game Day. Matt’s unconventional career journey began with teenage entrepreneurship in Winnipeg, eventually leading to a finance career. His...
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The Future of Gaming: Inclusivity, Diversity, and Global Expansion
Meet Amanda Cait, Manager of People and Culture at Avalon: Meet Amanda Cait, the Manager of People and Culture at Avalon. With a degree in “adult development, families, and well-being,” Amanda’s journey from a background in family therapy and personal...
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The New Era of Remote Work
Meet Kaleem Clarkson, COO at Blend Me, Inc: Kaleem Clarkson, COO at Blend Me, Inc, is a dynamic tech leader whose journey reflects the changing landscape of global hiring and remote work. Originating from Maine, he moved to Georgia and had an epiphany at DrupalCon...
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Scaling Up Globally: The Do’s and Don’ts of International Hiring
Meet Natasha Kehimkar, CEO & Founder at Malida Advisors: Natasha Kehimkar, CEO & Founder of Malida Advisors, brings over 25 years of expertise in people, talent, and DEI across diverse corporate landscapes. Her career spans industry giants like Pfizer and...
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Behind the Scenes of Thesis: Global Teams, Crypto Ventures and More
Meet Alice Barker, Director Of Engineering at Thesis: Alice Barker, our guest on the Default Global podcast, boasts a diverse career spanning banking, the adult industry, creative agency leadership, and startup involvement. Her altruistic stint in the nonprofit sector...
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Hiring Globally to Win Locally: Every’s Strategy for Startup Success
Meet Rajeev Behera, CEO at Every: Rajeev Behera, CEO of Every, brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to our Default Global podcast. His journey in the startup world has been defined by a rollercoaster of stories, blending family failures with remarkable...
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From Paris to Silicon Valley: The Power of Global Mindset in Business Expansion
Meet Robin Choy, Co-founder & CEO at HireSweet: Robin Choy, Co-founder & CEO of HireSweet, joins us on the Default Global podcast. Originally from France, Robin founded HireSweet in 2016 in Paris with co-founders Ismael and Paul. HireSweet started as a...
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Unlocking Global Growth: An Insider’s Guide to Global Hiring and Remote Work Culture
Meet Shelby Wolpa, founder at Shelby Wolpa Consulting: Shelby Wolpa, a renowned People Leadership Advisor and Remote Work Expert, boasts a storied career driving human capital strategies in the tech realm. Beginning with Palantir in the early 2000s, Shelby’s...