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Engineering Leadership in the Age of Decentralization
Meet Ashwin Baskaran, VP of Engineering at 0x: Meet Ashwin Baskaran, the VP of Engineering at 0x, featured on the Default Global podcast. With a career spanning from the mid-90s, Ashwin’s journey began in satellite network protocol development, leading to two...
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Inside Look at SafetyWing: Building a Global Social Safety Net
Meet Sondre Rasch, Co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing: In our Default Global podcast, we spoke with Sondre Rasch, CEO of SafetyWing. His journey began at SuperSide, an online freelancing platform, where he discovered a glaring issue — freelancers lacked a global social...
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Building Trust & Culture in a Global Tech Startup
Meet Andy Olsen, Senior Director of People at Immuta: Meet Andy Olsen, the Senior Director of People at Immuta, where he directs the cultural and engagement narrative across U.S. and international offices. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Andy’s 17-year career has woven...
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Building Global Engineering Teams with Will Kessler
Meet Will Kessler, Head of Product at Sydecar: Meet Will Kessler, Head of Product at Sydecar, with a decade-spanning career that began at Minted, a startup where he learned the importance of prioritizing team building over simultaneous product development. Will’s...
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Diversifying Talent Acquisition: A Fresh Perspective
Meet Vanessa Raath, Founder at The Talent Hunter: Vanessa Raath, founder of The Talent Hunter, embarked on a diverse career journey. Initially a teacher in South Africa, her path led her to become a scuba diving instructor in Thailand. After stints in East Africa and...
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Building Remotely: The Shopify for Financial Advisors
Meet Patrick Kelly, Co-Founder and CEO at Signal Advisors: Born in Singapore and now based in Detroit, Patrick Kelly, CEO of Signal Advisors, shared his unique journey on the Default Global podcast. With a background in lacrosse and an early entrepreneurial spirit,...
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How AI and Vector Searches are Transforming Global Business
Meet Prabhat Jha, Head of Engineering for Vector Search at DataStax: Prabhat Jha is the Head of Engineering at DataStax, known for his remarkable journey from a Nepalese village without electricity to leading tech teams globally. His tenure at Red Hat honed his...
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The Power of Networks: Exploring tofu’s Unique Recruitment Model
Meet Jason Zoltak, Co-Founder & CEO at tofu: Jason Zoltak, Co-Founder & CEO of tofu, epitomizes the modern entrepreneur redefining global hiring and remote work. Hailing from Montreal and splitting his time between Toronto and Miami, Jason’s journey...