Meet Ashwin Baskaran, VP of Engineering at 0x:

Meet Ashwin Baskaran, the VP of Engineering at 0x, featured on the Default Global podcast. With a career spanning from the mid-90s, Ashwin’s journey began in satellite network protocol development, leading to two decades in infrastructure companies such as Citrix and VMware. A year and a half ago, he embraced the crypto realm.

In this episode, Ashwin shares insights into global hiring, remote work, employment compliance, and the evolving tech employment landscape. His diverse experiences offer a unique perspective on the challenges tech leaders face today.

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Career Journey and Global Engineering Experience

In my recent podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ashwin Baskaran, VP of Engineering at 0x. Ashwin has an impressive career journey, spanning over two decades with major tech companies such as VMware, Citrix, and Cisco, before transitioning to the crypto industry. His career experiences in these global-first companies have shaped his understanding of regional tech trends and cultural nuances.

As Ashwin shared, “There’s always a center of gravity in the company…and that tends to drive the cultural practices of that company.”

Adapting Leadership Style in a Fast-Changing Tech World

When asked about how his leadership style has evolved, Ashwin emphasized the importance of being comfortable with not knowing everything and trusting your team.

He stated, “You just have to get comfortable…You have to be able to trust your team.”

This trust allows for more focus on providing context and strategic direction.

Managing Remote Engineering Teams

Remote working is a new reality for many, and it comes with its unique challenges. Ashwin shared his experience, highlighting the importance of assessing engagement and contribution of team members in a remote environment. He emphasized the importance of relying on what people say about their colleagues, creating a more positive environment where team members recognize and appreciate each other’s contributions.

The Four Cs of Organizational Health

Ashwin shared his strategy for assessing organizational health using the four Cs: competence, clarity, capacity, and control. He explained that these four elements need to be healthy for a team to perform well. He recommended a book, “Turn the Ship Around”, which provided the core ideas for this approach.

Hiring Strategy for Engineering Talent

Ashwin shared his hiring strategy, which is tailored to the culture and requirements of the company. He emphasized the importance of making the interview process reflect the actual work that needs to be done. This approach allows them to assess the candidate’s ability to work within their remote-first, globally distributed team.

Overall, my conversation with Ashwin was full of valuable insights into leading and managing teams in a global, fast-paced tech environment. His experiences and strategies offer a valuable perspective for both leaders and aspiring professionals in the tech industry.