Meet Vanessa Raath, Founder at The Talent Hunter:

Vanessa Raath, founder of The Talent Hunter, embarked on a diverse career journey. Initially a teacher in South Africa, her path led her to become a scuba diving instructor in Thailand. After stints in East Africa and Zanzibar, she stumbled into recruitment and embraced it, despite initial reservations.

With two years in agency recruitment, followed by a decade in internal roles, Vanessa’s people-focused approach and keen understanding of personalities paved the way for her entrepreneurial venture. Five years ago, she founded The Talent Hunter, a testament to her belief that no experience is wasted.

Vanessa’s unconventional background, from classrooms to ocean depths, underscores her philosophy that every lesson learned contributes to future success. As a seasoned recruiter, she brings a unique perspective to connecting talent with opportunities.

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Vanessa Raath on Talent Sourcing and Employer Branding

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Vanessa Raath, founder of The Talent Hunter, on the Default Global podcast. We delved into her journey from a school teacher to a global talent sourcing trainer, the role of AI in recruitment, and the importance of employer branding.

Journey to Talent Sourcing

Vanessa’s passion for people led her from teaching to scuba diving instruction, and finally to recruitment.

“I really don’t feel that anything that you do in life is a waste. So all of the jobs that I’ve done have been very people focused,” – Vanessa shared.

She believes that all her previous roles have contributed to her ability to understand and empower people in her current position.

Internet as a Sourcing Platform

The Talent Hunter is recognized for utilizing the entire internet for talent sourcing, pushing beyond standard platforms like LinkedIn.

“When you’ve got the whole internet at your fingertips, the world’s your oyster,” – Vanessa said.

She emphasized the need for recruiters to think out of the box and explore untraditional sourcing methods.

AI in Recruitment

Vanessa and I share a keen interest in integrating AI into recruitment strategies. As Vanessa mentioned, she uses AI for tasks such as transforming a CV into bullet points for a LinkedIn profile. However, she also underscored the importance of the human touch in recruitment.

“It will never fully replace us, but it will take away a lot of those menial tasks that we can waste hours on,” – she said.

Employer Branding

When it comes to employer branding, Vanessa stressed the need for companies to distinguish themselves. It’s not just about being a household name; it’s about positioning your company in a way that attracts the right individuals. Storytelling, she believes, is a powerful tool in this regard.

Diversity in Recruitment

Diversity sourcing, according to Vanessa, should be about more than just filling a quota. It should involve understanding the community, giving back, and ensuring that the right reasons drive your diversity efforts.

Looking to the Future

In the next five years, Vanessa foresees AI taking over certain aspects of recruitment, leading to an increase in spamming and making it more difficult to get candidates’ attention. This, she believes, will place more emphasis on recruiters building their brands and portraying themselves as trustworthy and skilled.

Vanessa’s insights are a testament to the evolving landscape of recruitment and talent sourcing. As we move forward, it’s clear that a blend of technology and human touch, along with a strong focus on branding, will be essential in attracting top talent.