Meet Sondre Rasch, Co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing:

In our Default Global podcast, we spoke with Sondre Rasch, CEO of SafetyWing. His journey began at SuperSide, an online freelancing platform, where he discovered a glaring issue — freelancers lacked a global social safety net. This realization led to the birth of SafetyWing, aiming to bridge the gap in an internet-driven economy where location is almost irrelevant.

Rasch highlighted that the internet operates globally, but existing structures like social safety nets are outdated, built in a time when such connectivity wasn’t the norm. SafetyWing emerges as a solution — a global safety net accessible anywhere, aligning with the borderless nature of the internet.

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SafetyWing: Building a Global Social Safety Net

In a recent podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sondre Rasch, the Co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing. Rasch enlightened us about the inception of SafetyWing, noting the realization of a lack of a social safety net for online freelancers inspired the idea. The solution, as Rasch stated, was to create a “global social safety net” that works the same for anyone, anywhere. This concept has become particularly relevant in the world of remote work, where location is often irrelevant.

SafetyWing: Serving Digital Nomads and Remote Teams

When asked about the primary clientele of SafetyWing, Rasch highlighted that it serves both digital nomads and remote teams. These individuals are not limited to constant travelers but include anyone working online and living abroad, with the freedom to move at their will. On the corporate side, it initially catered to startups in tech, but with the surge of remote work during the pandemic, it now caters to a wider range of industries.

Navigating Compliance and Regulations

SafetyWing’s approach to handling compliance and regulations bears a resemblance to Neobanks, which partner with traditional banks for financial compliance. Initially, SafetyWing followed a similar path by collaborating with insurance companies that held the required licenses. However, as Rasch explained, SafetyWing now has its carrier license, enabling them to control all aspects of their product.

The Evolution of Remote Work

Rasch has witnessed a significant evolution in the realm of remote work and global teams over the years. From being a niche and fringe concept back in 2014 to becoming a mainstream work model during the pandemic, remote work has seen a substantial surge. The driving forces behind this shift, according to Rasch, are the economic advantages and software advancements that enhance productivity in remote work.

The Talent Advantage in Remote Work

Discussing the talent advantage in remote work, Rasch emphasized the vast talent pool the internet labor market offers. The traditional notion of hiring locally has shifted to hiring globally, providing access to the best talent irrespective of their geographical location. This talent advantage, coupled with the transient cost advantage, is only set to make remote work increasingly productive and popular.

Top Cities for Remote Work

When asked about popular cities for remote work, Rasch mentioned Lisbon, London, Bali, Chiang Mai, and Tulum as top choices due to the influx of digital nomads. However, he also noted that these cities have experienced a rise in costs due to their popularity.

SafetyWing’s Upcoming Projects

As we concluded our conversation, Rasch shared that SafetyWing is working on a social safety membership, marking the first step towards their vision of a global social safety net.

In summary, our enlightening conversation with Sondre Rasch offered valuable insights into the world of remote work and the role of SafetyWing in providing a global social safety net. As the remote work trend continues to grow, SafetyWing’s vision of a global social safety net becomes increasingly relevant and necessary.