Meet Andy Olsen, Senior Director of People at Immuta:

Meet Andy Olsen, the Senior Director of People at Immuta, where he directs the cultural and engagement narrative across U.S. and international offices. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Andy’s 17-year career has woven through counseling, executive recruiting at Fortune 500 companies, and now thriving in the startup ecosystem.

In this episode of the Default Global podcast, Andy shares insights into global hiring, remote work dynamics, employment compliance, and the unique challenges in cultivating culture within startups. Tune in for a concise exploration of the employment landscape, where Andy’s diverse background in counseling, executive recruiting, and HR offers a rich perspective on the ever-evolving world of work.

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Introducing Andy Olsen

In the recent episode of Default Global, I, Vit Koval, had the pleasure of hosting Andy Olsen, the Senior Director of People at Immuta. Andy brings with him almost two decades of experience in talent acquisition and HR and a unique perspective from his background in counseling. He has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and startups, and his focus lately has been on culture and employee engagement.

Personal Leadership Philosophy

When asked about his personal leadership philosophy, Andy emphasized simplicity and intentionality. He believes in treating people the way they want to be treated and always acting with intention.

“Always take the time, be intentional about what you’re doing in everything,” Andy said.

His philosophy has proven effective in building trust and rapport, especially in a growing company like Immuta.

Importance of Mental Well-being

Reflecting on his background in mental health, Andy explained how it has influenced his approach to work and people management. He believes that his training in mental health is used every day in his interactions with people at Immuta. The company takes healthcare seriously, providing a digital mental wellness platform for employees and their families. This focus on mental well-being has been critical in building trust and supporting employees.

Building a Connected Company Culture

Andy stressed the importance of a connected company culture at Immuta, sharing an example where a junior software engineer’s contribution was vital in closing a major deal. He explained how Immuta’s culture of doing hard things together, celebrating wins, and reflecting on the journey has fostered a sense of unity and passion, even in a remote working environment.

Challenges and Opportunities in Talent Acquisition

Looking towards the future of talent acquisition, Andy sees a growing focus on culture fit alongside technical skills. He shared that Immuta has become confident in prioritizing cultural fit, even if it means passing on candidates with strong technical acumen. As for emerging technologies like AI in the talent acquisition space, Andy believes that while it might work well for some companies, Immuta leans more towards the fundamentals and personal connections.

In conclusion, Andy Olsen’s insights reveal a focus on intentionality, mental well-being, and company culture in talent acquisition and management. His unique perspectives remind us that while technology evolves, the basics of human connection and shared values remain crucial.