Meet Victoria Vega, Talent Acquisition Specialist at eSimplicity:

Victoria Vega, Talent Acquisition Specialist at eSimplicity, embarked on a unique career journey that transcends nonprofits, data science, and recruitment. Starting in workforce development, she transitioned to data science through a transformative course. Her expertise grew further at the Trevor Project and Trust consultancy, where she thrived in recruitment. Now, at eSimplicity, Victoria focuses on hiring for corporate and technical roles, driven by the fulfillment of offering jobs to deserving candidates. As a guest on the Default Global podcast, Victoria shares insights on global hiring, remote work, and employment dynamics, drawing from her diverse background.

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Journey into Talent Acquisition

Victoria’s journey into talent acquisition began in nonprofits, working to transition underserved communities from jobs to careers. A serendipitous encounter with a data science course on TikTok led her to develop hard skills in data analytics. After a stint as a recruitment coordinator at the Trevor Project, she discovered eSimplicity on a diversity job board and has since enjoyed the fulfillment of offering deserving candidates jobs.

Victoria shared:

“Finding candidates and offering them jobs is truly heartwarming…even just being a small part of that process is really just what keeps me going”

Navigating Layoffs in Talent Acquisition

Victoria’s pragmatic approach to layoffs involves providing resources and support for affected employees. For companies, she suggests having a contingency plan and providing employees with resources like career coaches and information on unemployment offices. For affected talent acquisition specialists, Victoria emphasized the importance of taking time to grieve, updating LinkedIn profiles, keeping track of applied roles, and leveraging personal referrals.

Diverse Portfolio Impact on Recruitment Strategies

At eSimplicity, Victoria revealed that they take a targeted approach to recruitment due to the diverse portfolio.

She shared:

“We target each of our searches and try to break down the qualities that we’re looking for in candidates.”

This approach allows eSimplicity to hone in their job descriptions and target the right audience.

Building a Diverse Team

Victoria’s passion for diversity and inclusion is clear. She highlighted the importance of using job boards and Slack groups aimed at attracting diverse talent. She advised that once you have a diverse pool of candidates, ensure they experience a fair interview process, including training employees on implicit bias and having diverse interview panels.

Role of Data Science and AI in Recruitment

Victoria’s data science background has influenced her recruitment strategies, particularly in identifying gaps in the hiring process and providing predictive analysis based on hiring trends. Although AI has a place in recruitment, Victoria believes it will not entirely replace recruiters due to the nuanced nature of recruiting.

Key Strategies for Joining eSimplicity

To stand out when applying to eSimplicity, Victoria advised candidates to research the company, prepare for interviews, and most importantly, be their authentic selves.

In conclusion, my conversation with Victoria Vega underscored the importance of implementing a holistic approach to talent acquisition, focusing not only on technical skills but also on diversity, emotional intelligence, and authenticity. It’s clear that as we navigate the digital age, these traits will remain crucial in the recruiting process.