Meet Teddy Owen, Chief of Staff at Moonhub:

Teddy Owen, Chief of Staff at Moonhub, is a dynamic HR professional with a career deeply rooted in HR, organizational development, and talent management. Beginning at Deloitte Consulting, where he shaped talent strategies for federal agencies and major hospitality chains, Teddy’s expertise evolved into pioneering future work practices well before the global shift to remote work accelerated by COVID-19.

His journey spans ventures in HR tech, including roles in blue-collar worker platforms and a stint at BrightHire, an interview intelligence startup, where he rose to become their first Product Marketing Manager.

Passionate about leveraging technology to optimize talent acquisition, Teddy now leads at Moonhub, driving AI-powered solutions to redefine global hiring practices. His commitment to innovation, remote work dynamics, and transformative recruitment methods marks his invaluable contribution to reshaping the employment landscape.

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Introduction and Background of Teddy Owen

In the latest episode of Default Global, I had the pleasure of talking to Teddy Owen, Chief of Staff at Moonhub. Having started his career as a consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Owen has since spent his career dedicated to the development of human resources, talent, and organizational functions. He shared his passion and experience in the HR tech space, which led him to Moonhub, where they are building the world’s first AI-powered recruiter.


MoonHub’s focus is to combine artificial intelligence and human expertise in the recruitment field, aiming to optimize the process of sourcing and hiring top talent. The concept of Moonhub sprouted from the founder finding it inexplicable that highly qualified individuals were struggling to find job opportunities. The company started as a boutique recruitment agency and has evolved to use its AI technology to enhance the recruitment process.

AI Sourcing

Moonhub’s AI sourcing tool uses natural language search and data retrieval for semi-structured and structured data. This AI sourcing tool makes it possible to find specific candidates faster than traditional methods like Boolean search. It speeds up the process by pulling in billions of public data points and then using natural language search to find the candidates you’re looking for. This tool has proven beneficial in finding candidates for niche roles, such as automotive technicians with experience in luxury cars.

Data Sources and Privacy

Moonhub’s AI pulls information from billions of publicly available data points across the web, akin to how Google operates. They operate with the utmost respect for privacy and data protection laws, ensuring they only utilize publicly available data.

Outreach Process

Moonhub’s outreach feature is a new addition to their toolset. This feature allows users to generate a customized message for candidates based on their profile. However, the outreach process is not automated, with the final step requiring manual input to send the message.

Packages and Pricing

Moonhub offers a variety of packages to suit different needs. Clients can use Moonhub for sourcing alone and handle outreach themselves, or they can utilize Moonhub’s talent experts to manage the entire recruitment process. The software comes with an outreach feature, but if clients require end-to-end help, they can opt for the talent expert service.

Global Hiring and Diversity

While Moonhub currently only has a U.S. data set, they are actively seeking to expand their global hiring and diversity strategies. They currently offer diverse search markers to help surface diverse candidates within the applicable legal parameters.

Future of Hiring Talent

Moonhub believes that the future of hiring will focus on quality and speed. With the use of AI, the hiring process will become more efficient, and recruiters’ lives will become easier. They aim to automate the manual tasks that currently take up most of a recruiter’s time, allowing recruiters to focus more on strategic tasks.


Speaking with Teddy Owen has provided great insight into Moonhub’s vision and strategy for the future of recruitment. Moonhub’s AI-driven recruitment solutions are paving the way for a more efficient and inclusive hiring process. Thanks to Teddy for sharing his insights and best of luck to Moonhub in their future endeavors.