Case Study:’s Strategic Engineering Team Expansion Powered by Globy

The Client



$9.5M in Seed funding


California, USA




Over 100 tech companies


86 employees

Remote Status:

Fully Remote

Team Location:

North America, South America

Company Description: is dedicated to simplifying back-office operations for founders, integrating solutions across finance and HR such as banking, cards, treasury, payroll, benefits, taxes, and accounting.


In a critical phase of rapid expansion following a successful seed funding round, needed to significantly scale its engineering team. They sought highly skilled senior Fullstack engineers proficient in Node, React, and TypeScript to form a foundational tech team.

However, their previous recruitment efforts led by another agency were inefficient, with 80% of candidates being dismissed early in the selection process, wasting valuable time and resources.

Solution and Implementation

Globy stepped in to address’s challenges, utilizing its extensive network in Latin America to recruit 10 senior engineers from Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil. The recruitment package included thorough sourcing, rigorous interviewing, and comprehensive background checks, ensuring candidates met’s high standards.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Technical Expertise: Fullstack engineers (Node/React/Type).
  • Experience: At least 5+ years in relevant technologies, preferably in startup environments.
  • Language: Fluent in English with high-level communication skills.
  • Cultural Fit: Strong alignment with’s dynamic culture, with a stable career history.
  • Availability: Capability to work within US time zones.

Recruitment Pipeline Performance and Results

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Stage of Recruitment

Number of Candidates

Conversion Rate

Candidates Reviewed:


Initial Interviews Passed:



Tech Challenge Passed:



Culture Fit Passed:






Conclusion: The recruitment process highlighted Globy’s efficiency, significantly surpassing industry norms with a final hiring conversion rate of 22.7%, where typical rates are about 3-5%.


I’m definitely happy to recommend Globy. They have been a great partner for us and ultimately helped fill 11 senior typescript dev roles over the last few months. They did a great job of sending us talent that matched our expectations and never felt like I was wasting any time — a feeling I’ve had working with other recruiters.

Barry Peterson | Co-founder and CTO

Conclusion‘s decision to partner with Globy for their engineering recruitment has proved financially astute. By leveraging the cost advantages of Latin American markets, achieved substantial savings while assembling a team capable of meeting their ambitious technological goals.

This strategic move not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also maximized their financial resources, supporting sustainable growth and strengthening their competitive position in the fintech industry.

Achievements and Savings




Conversion Rate (Final Interview)


7.5x higher than industry average

Total Cost Reduction per Role:


Approx. 63.1%

Total Annual Team Savings:


This table highlights‘s strategic success in financial management and operational optimization through Globy’s international recruitment efforts. The figures reflect a substantial reduction in costs, a high conversion rate in recruitment, and a sustained commitment to securing top-tier talent, all of which support‘s growth objectives and enhance their competitive position in the fintech industry.

Strategic and Operational Impact:

  • Rapid Team Formation: The streamlined recruitment process reduced the time to hire, enabling quicker team ramp-up and faster progress on development projects.

  • High-Quality Talent Acquisition: Despite the reduced costs, the quality of the engineering talent was maintained at a high standard, ensuring effective integration and immediate contribution to‘s projects.