Meet Wissam Tabbara, Founder & CEO at Truebase:

Wissam Tabbara is the Founder & CEO of Truebase with a career spanning 20 years. Having been part of four startups and spending six years at Microsoft, he brings a wealth of experience in remote work and globally run companies. Wissam’s expertise extends to advising and mentoring, making him a valuable figure in the startup world. In this episode of the Default Global podcast, he discusses global hiring, remote work, employment compliance, and the role of tech leaders in today’s interconnected world. Don’t miss his insights on contracting and employment law in the tech industry.

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Quick Read: Wissam Tabbara, Founder & CEO at Truebase, Interview Highlights

In the recent episode of Default Global podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Wissam Tabbara, Founder & CEO at Truebase. With his extensive experience in startups and remote work, Tabbara provided insightful perspectives on global hiring, the use of AI in prospecting, and maintaining company culture in a remote environment.

Defining Truebase’s Unique Prospecting Approach

Kicking off the conversation, I asked Tabbara to elaborate on Truebase’s unique use of AI technology to simplify and automate prospecting. He explained how the AI-driven platform is designed to handle time-consuming tasks, such as searching for potential customers and personalizing messages, thereby increasing response rates and business growth. In Tabbara’s words:

“Truebase leverages generative AI to speed up this whole prospecting journey for you.”

What Sets Truebase Apart?

When I asked about what differentiates Truebase from other prospecting platforms, Tabbara highlighted the significance of generative AI in their operations. He explained that this technology allows users to ask questions and specify what they want, rather than using filters or manually browsing the internet. Furthermore, Truebase’s use of generative AI enables the platform to analyze both the sender’s value proposition and the recipient’s online activities, leading to the creation of personalized and effective emails.

Attracting and Retaining Global Talent

Transitioning to his company’s global workforce, Tabbara shared his strategies for attracting and retaining top talent from around the world. He emphasized the importance of localization in the hiring process, from job descriptions to payment methods, and highlighted the necessity of creating “clusters” of employees in specific regions to streamline operations.

Maintaining Company Culture and Compliance

Tabbara underscored the importance of maintaining company culture, especially in a remote environment. He explained how Truebase uses values-based interviewing and onboarding processes to ensure cultural fit, and stressed the need to correct culture fit issues within the first six weeks to two months of employment. In terms of compliance, he shared that while the company currently uses services like Deal for payroll and contract management, they aspire to incorporate locally in the future for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Advice for Global Tech Professionals

Finally, I asked Tabbara for any advice he might have for global tech professionals seeking opportunities in international companies. His tips included mastering remote work culture, improving English language skills, gaining full software development lifecycle experience, and standing out from the crowd through differentiated skills and experiences.

In conclusion, our conversation with Wissam Tabbara offered valuable insights into the use of AI in prospecting, global hiring strategies, and maintaining company culture and compliance in a remote work environment. As global and remote-first entrepreneurship continues to evolve, these insights are crucial for navigating the ever-changing business landscape.