Meet Vivian Wang, Founder & CEO at Landed:

Meet Vivian Wang, the visionary behind Landed, a platform reshaping hourly work and hospitality recruitment. Raised by Chinese immigrant parents who worked in restaurants, Vivian’s journey fuels her passion for this industry.

Landed goes beyond job-matching, offering holistic support to hourly workers. With hundreds of thousands of successful job connections, the platform also aids US restaurants battling labor shortages, redefining talent acquisition.

Vivian’s insights on remote work and employment law reflect her commitment to change. From immigrant beginnings to innovative entrepreneur, her journey epitomizes reshaping hourly work. Landed’s transformative impact on hourly employment and hospitality hiring is just the beginning.

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The Journey of Landed

In the latest Default Global podcast, I had a fascinating discussion with Vivian Wang, Founder & CEO of Landed. Her personal journey was greatly influenced by her parents who immigrated from China and worked in the hospitality industry, exposing her to the daily struggles of hourly workers. Inspired by her upbringing, Vivian founded Landed, a livelihood platform for hourly workers.

“We want to help support them from a job perspective, from their finances, their education,” said Vivian.

Understanding Landed’s Work

Landed is a platform that connects hourly workers with employers in the hospitality sector. They work with hundreds of restaurants across the US, helping them hire hourly workers. In explaining how Landed operates, Vivian stated:

“We cover the sourcing, the vetting, the engaging, and the interview setup for these roles.”

Their platform uses an AI system for pre-screening candidates and facilitates the entire hiring process.

Landed’s Global Impact

Landed has grown significantly and now has close to a million hourly workers on its platform. The company has partnered with several top brands and has become a trusted partner in the industry. When asked about Landed’s success in building these partnerships, Vivian emphasized the importance of understanding the changing dynamics of the job market.

“How do I become a preferred employer? Amid a structural shift in the worker, 70% of hourly workers are now Gen Z. So if 70% of them are Gen Z, you have to kind of meet them on the platforms where they really are,” she explained.

Automation and AI in the Service Industry

Vivian believes that automation and AI can dramatically transform the service industry by taking over commodity tasks, allowing employees to focus on more fulfilling and high-value roles.

“From a speed perspective, AI can respond immediately. As soon as someone applies, we’re able to engage with them and deliver a personalized conversation to their phones,” she said.

Hiring Globally

Landed has a global workforce, with employees spread across various countries. Vivian explained that their decision to hire globally was driven by their mission to find the best talent for the job, regardless of location. When asked about their strategy for global hiring, Vivian said:

“We’re looking for the best talent for the job. And not just the best talent from a work perspective, but also a really great fit into our values and our operating principles.”

Looking Towards the Future

Landed’s focus on the livelihood economy is centered on three pillars: finding a job, financial wellness, and upskilling. Currently, Landed has been primarily focused on helping workers find jobs, but Vivian also shared their plans to address the second pillar of financial wellness. She expressed her vision for the company:

“We’re really excited to be able to better support. We’ve already helped hundreds of thousands of people get jobs. Now, the next step is how can we think about supporting them and their financial futures so that they’re able to continue to build their livelihood?”