Meet Sharon Biggar, Head of Marketing at TestGorilla:

Meet Sharon Biggar, Head of Marketing at TestGorilla. With a career spanning entrepreneurship, data analytics, and a prescient embrace of remote work, Sharon brings a unique perspective to the podcast.

From management consulting, she ventured into co-founding a data analytics startup that revolutionized shopping malls. Her passion for analytics led her to a successful stint in mobile gaming before the remote work era.

Sharon’s proactive foray into remote work began with HotJar, offering insights that would prove invaluable as the world pivoted to remote work. Now at TestGorilla, her experiences drive the company’s global hiring, remote work strategies, and employment compliance.

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Sharon Biggar’s Journey and Her Role at TestGorilla

Speaking with Sharon Biggar, Head of Marketing at TestGorilla, I discovered her journey from consulting to entrepreneurship and finally to the exciting world of remote work. She discussed her experience in data analytics, mobile gaming, and her move to HotJar, which she described as “jumping into analytics in a big way.” She then transitioned to TestGorilla, where she aims to transform the hiring process.

The Role of TestGorilla in Modern Hiring

TestGorilla, according to Biggar, is changing the way hiring works. The company believes that traditional methods, like relying on CVs, are outdated and contribute to bias. Instead, TestGorilla provides talent assessments, allowing candidates to showcase their skills. The firm is particularly crucial in the global hiring process, where CVs can be misleading due to cultural differences.

Biggar stated, “There’s fantastic talent across the world. And we believe we should allow those people to showcase what they’re good at.”

Building Trust and Efficiency in Global Teams

When asked about how TestGorilla manages a global team, Biggar mentioned the importance of inclusion and documentation. They rotate meeting times to accommodate different time zones and record all meetings for those who cannot attend. Trust, she emphasized, is built from recruitment, and small consistent interactions are key.

As Biggar put it, “You have to trust and believe that you have hired talented people.”

Overcoming Challenges in Global Hiring

Discussing the challenges in global hiring, Biggar stressed the difficulty in quantifying a candidate’s ability, especially in a different country. She believes that by moving away from the resume, TestGorilla can help every human reach their full potential. The company’s mission, she revealed, is to put 1 billion people in their dream job, thereby improving mental health and happiness on a large scale.

Sourcing and Hiring Tech Talent on a Global Scale

Biggar shared that TestGorilla uses remote-specific job boards to advertise its positions and its own website has become a strong channel for attracting talent. She also mentioned the importance of the candidate presenting their work back to the company to verify their skills.

Advice for Tech Professionals Looking to Join Global Teams

Biggar advised tech professionals to find a way to showcase their skills and to find a company that aligns with their passion. This passion, she said, will shine through in an interview, helping candidates stand out from the crowd.

As she put it, “Find those that really resonate with you, whether it’s the culture that you like, whether it’s the mission that you like, because that passion will show through in an interview.”