Meet Ryan-Mae McAvoy, Director of People Operations at Blackthorn:

With over a decade of experience spanning diverse sectors, Ryan-Mae McAvoy found her professional home at Blackthorn in 2021. Recognized for her energy and expertise, she joined as an early hire, emphasizing the pivotal role of integrating the people team from the start.

Under Ryan-Mae’s stewardship, Blackthorn has introduced groundbreaking initiatives like the renowned four-day work week. Beyond this flagship program, they’ve implemented diverse offerings, including entertainment reimbursements and global benefits, showcasing a commitment to equality across borders.

Her journey at Blackthorn epitomizes personal growth, steering HR practices towards global inclusivity while uncovering a rich tapestry of global talent. Ryan-Mae stands as an advocate for progressive HR practices, shaping inclusive workplaces and driving the evolution of people operations in a dynamic professional landscape.

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Introducing Ryan-Mae McAvoy

During a recent episode of the Default Global podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan-Mae McAvoy, the Director of People Operations at Blackthorn. McAvoy shared her journey in the people space, where she has worked for over 10 years across various sectors before landing at Blackthorn in the summer of 2021.

“The thing that Blackthorn did, which I recommend, is they brought the people team in early. We are a small team, but we are mighty, and I think it really helped us build where we are now,” McAvoy said.

Blackthorn’s Global Presence

Blackthorn is a global company, with team members spread across 13 different countries. This diversity is an integral part of the company’s mission, with a focus on equal benefits and resources across the globe.

“We are very open to most countries. We are limited by some laws, but other than that, we are pretty open to hiring,” McAvoy shared.

Compensation Strategies

Navigating compensation in a global context can be a puzzle, but Blackthorn has a unique strategy. They use multiple salary benchmarks to create a fair compensation philosophy, which includes not only base salary, but also benefits, work-life balance, equity, and retirement.

“If you truly cannot feed yourself, are in financial peril, the door is open. Come to us, and we will work with you,” McAvoy stated.

The Four-Day Work Week

Blackthorn is known for valuing work-life balance and is proud of its four-day work week initiative. The idea was inspired by practices in the UK, and after a beta test, it was clear that the employees loved having an extra day off each week.

“Everyone said this has been life-changing. I can go to the doctor, clean my house, and spend more time with my kids,” McAvoy shared.

Advice for Potential Candidates

McAvoy’s advice for candidates considering Blackthorn is to always check their careers page, be themselves during the application process, and remember that you are also interviewing the company.

“Don’t settle. There are so many people settling for jobs in this market right now that are just so unhappy. If it truly doesn’t sit with you from day one, ask why,” she advised.

In conclusion, Blackthorn’s approach to global hiring is both strategic and empathetic, prioritizing employee satisfaction, transparency, and fair compensation. Their unique work culture, including the four-day work week, sets them apart in the global market, attracting talent from all corners of the world.