Meet Michael Khait, CTO at TrustPoint:

In a captivating episode of the Default Global podcast, we welcomed Michael Khait, CTO at TrustPoint, who embarked on his tech journey during the late 90s dot-com boom. Initially a web developer, Michael’s career shifted to engineering management and leadership over the past 15 years.

Michael’s expertise flourished in crafting web applications and SaaS tools, while his leadership extended to nurturing distributed teams – a term he prefers over remote work. As CTO at TrustPoint, he blends technical prowess with people-centric strategies, cultivating collaborative teams.

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Quick Read: Michael Khait, CTO at TrustPoint, Interview Highlights

In the latest episode of Default Global, I had a fascinating conversation with Michael Khait, CTO at TrustPoint, who shared his insights and experiences on operating a global-first tech company. With more than two decades of experience in the tech industry, Michael has seen the evolution of web applications and, more recently, has been instrumental in building distributed teams around these products.

Building TrustPoint’s Risk-Free Construction Portfolio

When discussing the intricacies of TrustPoint’s platform, Michael emphasized the importance of modernizing and streamlining the construction finance sector. By combining AI, Machine Learning, FinTech, and SaaS with bank security protocols, TrustPoint aims to transform a historically risky asset class into a transparent and secure investment opportunity.

Hiring and Managing a Globally Distributed Team

Michael shared his journey into global hiring, which began almost 15 years ago. Initially, he experimented with outsourcing and outstaffing before realizing that building his own remote team yielded the best results. However, he also acknowledged the challenges that come with scaling this model.

When it comes to hiring tactics, TrustPoint utilizes the help of freelance recruiters and job boards, such as Jeannie. In terms of determining where to hire from, Michael stressed the importance of understanding the local culture and operating pace, alongside the product requirements and time zone compatibility.

Regarding managing a global team, Michael identified people-first philosophy, autonomy, diversity, passion for work, and transparency as key principles. He added that TrustPoint hires its team members as either contractors or through an employer of record service, depending on the specific country and the individual’s preference.

Advice for Tech Talent and Entrepreneurs

Michael had some valuable advice for tech talents looking to join global companies. He encouraged them to build a strong online presence, continuously learn, network, embrace failure, and have a well-structured resume that emphasizes problem-solving and value creation.

For entrepreneurs looking to build a successful global-first tech company, Michael highlighted the importance of finding the right connections, establishing a synchronous communication culture, and maintaining effective communication to ensure everyone is aligned towards the company’s goals.

Overall, this insightful conversation with Michael Khait underlined the potential and challenges in the global hiring landscape. It demonstrated the need for adaptability, understanding of cultural nuances, and a strong focus on communication and transparency in successfully managing a globally distributed team.