Meet Matt Heiman, Founder and CEO at The Game Day:

In a recent Default Global podcast, we spoke with Matt Heiman, CEO of The Game Day. Matt’s unconventional career journey began with teenage entrepreneurship in Winnipeg, eventually leading to a finance career. His move to London expanded his horizons, and a bold, entrepreneurial spirit led him to found and sell successful media companies.

With The Game Day, Matt embraced global hiring and remote work during the pandemic, pivoting into the highly competitive sports media and sports betting media landscape. Matt’s story inspires us to follow our passions and adapt to the changing world of work.

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Quick Read: Matt Heiman, Founder and CEO at The Game Day, Interview Highlights

In the latest episode of the Default Global podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Heiman, Founder and CEO of The Game Day. Matt shared his career journey, which started as an entrepreneur in Winnipeg and led him to finance and eventually founding successful businesses in media, technology, and sports betting.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the importance of identifying the right market with real money in it. Matt emphasized that every industry has flaws, and entrepreneurs should focus on finding opportunities to create value and challenge the existing value chain. By doing so, they can create a sustainable business that attracts the attention of larger organizations.

Matt’s ability to diversify and succeed in different sectors and industries was also a topic of discussion. He shared that his focus has always been on knowledge-based industries, such as media and technology, where he believes there is a better chance for entrepreneurs to create value. He highlighted the importance of staying focused on creating content that is more clickable than the competition, whether it’s in the form of video content or luxury handbags.

We also delved into the inspiration behind The Game Day and how it is reshaping the way people engage with sports betting. Matt explained that their previous experience in media and the realization of the commercial opportunity in sports betting led them to launch The Game Day. The platform aims to capture a share of the growing sports betting market in the US, which is expected to have around 100 million users in the next five years. Matt believes that by being relevant as the voice of sports betting in America, The Game Day can tap into a multi-billion dollar industry.

The conversation then shifted to the challenges of operating a global business with teams spread across different countries. Matt emphasized the value of teamwork and creating a culture that encourages collaboration and innovation. He believes that diversity in perspectives and skills can lead to better problem-solving and ultimately, success.

We also discussed the concept of being a global-first entrepreneur and the potential benefits of thinking globally from the start. Matt pointed out that with the removal of regulatory and payment barriers, there is now a great opportunity to access skills from around the world. He believes that organizations that embrace this global mindset will have a competitive advantage in the future.

Education also played a significant role in our conversation. Matt highlighted the importance of continuous learning and the ability to access information and expertise in today’s world. He shared an example of how AI technologies have transformed their video editing and image selection processes, allowing their teams to focus on adding value and being creative.

Lastly, we touched on the future of entrepreneurship and the potential of AI technologies. Matt believes that the ability to create greatness will be the key differentiator for businesses in the future. While AI can automate certain tasks and provide valuable insights, it is still human capital that can truly move the needle and add a billion dollars of value to a company.

In conclusion, Matt’s entrepreneurial journey and insights shed light on the opportunities and challenges of building successful businesses in today’s global and digital landscape. His focus on creating value, embracing diversity, and leveraging AI technologies serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.