Meet Lucas Posada, Co-founder & CEO at Takenos:

Lucas Posada is the Co-founder & CEO of Takenos, a financial infrastructure platform for freelancers and contractors in Latin America engaged in global cross-border work. With over a decade of experience in tech as a product manager, Lucas has also donned various hats throughout his career, including roles as a developer, designer, and salesperson. His entrepreneurial journey led him to co-found Takenos and take on the role of CEO. With expertise in global hiring, remote work, employment compliance, and contracting, Lucas offers valuable insights as a tech leader and entrepreneur in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and the global workforce.

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The Default Global podcast recently hosted Lucas Posada, Co-founder & CEO at Takenos, who shared his insights about the unique challenges freelancers in Latin America face when charging for their services globally. Takenos, as he described, is a financial infrastructure that simplifies this process for freelancers.

The LATAM Freelance Market

The freelance market in Latin America has exploded since the pandemic. Platforms like Deel and OnTop or have made it easier for distributed teams to operate in LATAM. However, the rapid growth has also led to a surge in freelancers acting as contractors. There’s also been an upswing in various knowledge-based services being offered across borders, including professions like lawyers and therapists.

As Lucas mentioned, “we are making the LATAM talent available to the world, but the money that they are getting is not available to spend in LATAM today.”

Overcoming Financial Challenges

The financial infrastructure in LATAM wasn’t ready to serve everyone in their home countries. This led to freelancers having to navigate through multiple intermediaries to get their money at a convenient exchange rate, which often took three or four business days. Takenos aims to streamline this process, making it faster and more efficient, especially for countries like Colombia where regulatory issues prevent freelancers from having a US Bank account.

Utilizing Crypto Technology

Takenos uses crypto technology to facilitate payments between clients and professionals. This approach offers benefits compared to traditional methods such as SWIFT or PayPal, namely speed, low cost, and efficient international transactions.

Compliance and Legality

Takenos takes compliance and legality seriously, especially when it comes to anti-money laundering. They only process transactions that originate from working cross-border. They also work with licensed partners and regulated exchanges to ensure the legality of transactions.

The Cost of Transactions

Takenos charges a 3% fee on transactions. Depending on the country, local taxes also apply. However, the company strives to offer competitive exchange rates and a faster, more user-friendly experience than other international transaction platforms.

Selling Globally

When it comes to expanding globally, Posada emphasizes the importance of staying true to your company’s mission while understanding the unique needs of each market. This way, you can identify the key problems that your product can solve in various markets, ultimately leading to a more successful global expansion.

In conclusion, Takenos is working to simplify and improve financial transactions for LATAM freelancers working globally. By using crypto technology and focusing on compliance, the company is paving the way for a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both clients and professionals.