Meet Jacqueline Basulto, Founder & CEO at SeedX:

Meet Jacqueline Basulto, the visionary Founder, CEO, and Director of New Business at SeedX, a globally recognized firm. Hailing from the vibrant tapestry of New York City and nurtured in a Hispanic Latin American family, Jacqueline’s journey is one of innovation and determination.

Jacqueline’s path to entrepreneurship took a serendipitous turn during an internship at Google, where she discovered her passion for digital marketing. Recognizing the unmet needs of small and mid-sized businesses, she embarked on a freelance journey while co-founding a tutoring company. SeedX sprouted from this foundation of experience, growing organically to become a renowned global player.

The driving forces behind SeedX’s success are Jacqueline’s tireless work ethic and commitment to value. Her strategic approach to talent acquisition led to a diverse team spanning continents, aligning with SeedX’s global outlook. Today, the firm stands as a testament to Jacqueline’s dedication and the team’s collective energy.

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In our latest episode of Default Global, we had the pleasure of hosting Jacqueline Basulto, Founder and CEO at SeedX, a global digital marketing agency. Jacqueline shared her journey from being a Columbia University graduate to leading a global team and making it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

Jacqueline’s Journey to SeedX

I asked Jacqueline to share her journey to where she is now. She mentioned that her entrepreneurial journey was somewhat accidental, born out of a desire for creativity and challenge. During her senior year of college, she began doing freelance digital marketing work, which eventually led to the creation of SeedX.

“The company just kind of grew organically out of this need in the market,” Jacqueline said. “Today we’re a globally recognized firm and we just kind of keep climbing the ranks, I think, through hard work and through giving people good value, essentially.”

SeedX’s Success in the Digital Marketing Industry

When I asked Jacqueline about SeedX’s success in the digital marketing industry, she cited their culture and hiring strategy as key factors. She emphasized that they hire the best talent who can work remotely and are dedicated to their work.

“We have this great DNA in our team where we really go above and beyond what everyone else is doing,” she said.

Strategies for Market Growth in Economic Downturns

In the current economic climate, I asked Jacqueline for her advice to entrepreneurs looking to drive growth. She stressed the importance of aligning closely with business fundamentals and making yourself indispensable to clients.

“At the end of the day, typically we’re one of the last things our clients would cut because we’re so tied to revenue or so tied to key business outcomes that it would hurt more than help to get rid of us,” she explained.

The Process and Challenges of Global Hiring

Jacqueline shared that SeedX’s global hiring practices were initially born out of necessity due to a tight budget, but it has now become a strategic choice to find the best talent at the best price anywhere in the world.

The challenges of global hiring, as per Jacqueline, include managing time zone differences, cultural communication norms, and bringing people together. However, she believes that these challenges can be overcome through over-communication, understanding the universality of human concerns and needs, and having a strong understanding of the roles you’re hiring for.

Expanding Services Globally

Finally, I asked Jacqueline about her approach to expanding SeedX’s services globally. She mentioned that their sensitivity to audiences and cultures has been crucial in their global expansion.

“I think that you would really struggle to do a marketing campaign if you couldn’t put yourself in the shoes of the person that you’re marketing to,” she concluded.

This conversation with Jacqueline offered valuable insights into entrepreneurship, global hiring practices, and strategies for business growth. It’s clear that her passion for her work and her dedication to finding the best talent has played a significant role in SeedX’s success.