Meet Hung Lee, Founder at Recruiting Brainfood:

Hung Lee’s career spans a decade as an agency recruiter in the early internet era, sourcing web developers and tech talent in big cities. He later transitioned to in-house recruitment for burgeoning tech startups, guiding engineering teams from inception to around 50 members.

Driven by his tech connections, he ventured into a sentiment-based matching platform for software engineers, pivoting later to found “Recruiting Brainfood.” Initially a tool dissemination platform, it swiftly evolved into a content-focused community for recruiters.

Hung now orchestrates “Recruiting Brainfood” as a hub connecting recruiters, candidates, tech providers, and more. His mission? Fostering communication and cultivating healthy dialogue within the dynamic recruitment ecosystem.

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Introduction and Background

In a recent episode of Default Global, I had the pleasure of hosting Hung Lee, the founder of Recruiting Brainfood. Hung’s journey in the world of recruitment includes working as an agency recruiter, founding, and running Recruiting Brainfood. His experiences have shaped him into a notable figure in the recruitment industry.

Hung started by sharing his impressive journey, moving from an agency recruiter to an in-house recruiter for tech startups. His close interaction with software engineers led him to build a matching platform aimed at connecting engineers with suitable job opportunities. However, while this venture didn’t succeed as a business, it led him to start Recruiting Brainfood, which focuses on creating healthy conversational spaces within the recruitment ecosystem.

Insights from Podcast Discussions and the Future of Recruitment

When talking about the insights gained from his podcast discussions, Hung highlighted the importance of learning from tech founders. He sees them as individuals so passionate about solving a recruitment problem that they have created companies to address it. This perspective has given him a fresh outlook on the future of recruitment strategies and the industry at large.

Hung noted the significant changes in the hiring landscape over the past few years, particularly the shift to remote and digital hiring practices due to the pandemic. He also emphasised the surge in hiring in 2021, with tech recruiters becoming the most in-demand job role on LinkedIn. Looking ahead, Hung believes generative AI will play a significant role in shaping the way people think about work and recruitment processes.

The Role of AI in Recruitment

Our conversation moved on to the topic of AI in recruitment. Hung believes AI can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can make recruiters more efficient, but on the other hand, it could lead to a reduced need for human recruiters. Hung’s vision is that AI could help recruiters free up time to improve the overall candidate experience and make the recruitment process more humane.

Hung also discussed the concept of community-driven recruitment and the importance of creating a neutral space for candidates. He believes that a community-focused strategy can help companies meet potential candidates and build relationships with them in a more humane way.

Future of the Recruitment Industry

As for the future of the recruitment industry, Hung believes that by 2024 recruiters will spend more time on the assessment component of recruiting. He predicts a return to more analog experiences due to the lack of trust in data obtained through AI-assisted methods.

Our conversation with Hung Lee was insightful and thought-provoking, offering a unique perspective on the future of recruitment, the role of AI, and the importance of humanizing the recruitment process. As the recruitment landscape continues to evolve, it’s clear that balancing technology with the human touch will be essential for success.