Meet Healey Cypher, Co-founder, CEO at BoomPop:

Healey Cypher is the Co-founder and CEO of BoomPop, a company focused on navigating the evolving landscape of global hiring, remote work, and employment compliance. With a successful background in founding and selling companies, Healey realized the crucial importance of building cohesive teams for business success. As remote work became the norm, he co-founded BoomPop to help businesses foster strong connections between teams, clients, and partners while ensuring compliance with employment laws. Join us in this episode of the Default Global podcast as Healey shares insights into the future of work and the power of meaningful connections in a remote world.

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The Journey from eBay to BoomPop

During my recent conversation with Healey Cypher, the co-founder and CEO at BoomPop, he shared his journey from eBay to BoomPop. He described his career path as a lottery win, selling his first company just seven months after joining as the second person. This experience led him to a series of successful ventures, ultimately landing him the role of CEO at Atomic. He emphasised the importance of having a cohesive team, stating:

“it all came down to team.”

He recalled a significant moment in his second startup where his entire team chose to stay with him during a challenging period, demonstrating their commitment and alignment.

BoomPop and its Role in Remote-First Companies

Healey elaborated on how BoomPop was born out of the need to foster team cohesion and connection in a remote work environment. He shared that BoomPop initially started as a marketplace for virtual events that brought teams together virtually. The company experienced remarkable growth, bringing 60,000 people together during virtual events in its first year. However, as the pandemic evolved, Healey noticed a shift in client needs, with many expressing a desire to bring their teams together in person. Acknowledging the enormous potential in the meetings and events industry, BoomPop pivoted to provide one-click meetings and events for distributed teams.

The Importance of Being Scrappy, Capital Efficient and Disciplined

In response to my question about the importance of being scrappy, capital efficient and disciplined, Healey highlighted the benefits of hiring globally. He explained how companies can tap into global talent while also providing them with competitive compensation and benefits. He further emphasised the importance of treating remote employees as equals, offering them the same benefits as their domestic counterparts.

Advice for Talent Looking for Global First Companies

Healey encouraged global talent to hone their communication skills and find companies that treat their global employees equitably. He also emphasised the importance of finding something one is passionate about.

The Future of Global Hiring and Remote Work

Looking ahead, Healey believes that remote work is on an irreversible path. He criticised companies forcing their employees back into the office, attributing it to their poor hiring and management abilities. He predicted that as the younger generation becomes a larger part of the workforce, the demand for remote work opportunities will only increase.

To wrap up our conversation, Healey emphasised that there has never been a better time to be part of the global workforce. The rise of remote work has created an unprecedented level of flexibility and opportunity for employees worldwide. As companies continue to adapt and evolve, it will be interesting to see how the future of global hiring and remote work unfolds.