Meet Claudio Riffeser, Co-Founder at Pooky:

Claudio Riffeser, co-founder of Pooky, embarked on an unconventional path from real estate and venture capital to launch a tech company focused on blockchain gaming in sports. Embracing the web three revolution, he humbly admits to starting with minimal relevant experience but highlights the importance of continuous learning and networking with tech leaders. Claudio’s expertise in global hiring, remote work, and navigating employment compliance will offer valuable insights on our Default Global podcast. Join us as he unravels the exciting world of web three and blockchain gaming.

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Quick Read: Claudio Riffeser, Co-Founder at Pooky, Interview Highlights

Joining me on Default Global is Claudio Riffeser, founder at Pooky, a company that’s innovating the sports betting industry by introducing a risk-free model through sports prediction.

Understanding the Pooky Journey

Talking about his diverse background in strategy, consulting, real estate, private equity, and venture capital, Riffeser shared how he transitioned into the blockchain space.

“I went from web zero, web one to web three, missing the web two side,”

he admitted, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurs realizing they don’t know everything and being open to learning.

Revolutionizing Sports Betting

Pooky’s unique approach centres around transforming conventional sports betting.

“We felt that sports betting today was offering something that was not completely suiting the needs or the wishes of the player,” said Riffeser.

By leveraging the power of the blockchain, Pooky ensures players can own assets with no risk of losing them, creating a game that focuses on competition, strategy, and fun rather than purely financial reward.

Navigating Regulatory Frameworks

Unlike traditional betting platforms, Pooky isn’t regulated due to the absence of any financial risks. Players predict on events, but there’s no financial sacrifice or stake, eliminating the risk factor that characterizes gambling.

Improving User Experience in Web3

Combating the complexity of user experience has been a focus for Pooky. The company has integrated solutions such as wallet creation in under a minute and credit card payments for buying assets. They even sponsor gas fees for non-crypto native users to improve the overall experience.

Challenges in Web3 Gaming

Despite the hype around Web3, there’s a lack of successful projects, particularly in gaming. Riffeser believes this is due to many projects lacking a clear understanding of why they’re using blockchain. He emphasized focusing on problem-solving and providing extra value to the end user.

Hiring and Retaining Global Talent

As Pooky continues to hire globally, Riffeser advises other founders not to be afraid of remote hiring. Offering flexibility, aligning with market standards, and focusing on the work done rather than when it’s done are key to retaining top global talent.

Investing in Web3 Companies

For potential investors in Web3, Riffeser advises looking at the problem the team is trying to solve, whether blockchain technology is needed, and the data the company has.

Keeping up with Future Trends

Looking ahead, Riffeser is interested in how AI will integrate with blockchain and how new regulations will shape the industry. He’s also monitoring the development of tools that make the transition to Web3 more seamless, aiming to create an experience so smooth that users don’t even realize they’re playing a Web3 game.

Claudio’s insights were not only fascinating but also valuable for anyone interested in the intersection of blockchain technology, sports betting, and remote hiring.