Meet Chris Maresca, COO at Square 8:

Meet Chris Maresca, COO at Square 8 and a serial entrepreneur with 14 startups under his belt, including 7 successful exits, including an IPO. With over 20 years in the tech industry, Chris has worked with top tech companies, led venture turnarounds, and served as an interim executive for startups.

Having been a remote worker for 15 years, Chris shares valuable insights into remote work and its impact on the post-pandemic employment landscape. He also offers expertise in employment law, compliance, and contracting, drawing from his extensive experience with tech leaders and Global 500 companies.

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Quick Read: Chris Maresca, COO at Square 8, Interview Highlights

In a recent episode of Default Global, I had the pleasure of hosting Chris Maresca, COO at Square 8. An entrepreneur experienced in leading start-ups and working with big tech companies, Chris shared his journey from the heart of Silicon Valley to becoming a remote work advocate.

He explained: “Things have changed a lot and things continue to change a lot. And certainly post-pandemic remote work has become a real thing. I’ve been working remotely for 15 years, so for me it was no change.”

The Future is Default Global

When asked about the future of companies, Chris strongly agreed with the vision of companies needing to be default global. He believes that talent exists worldwide, and companies must tap into it, indicating:

“when we go looking for talent, we try to find people wherever they are. It sort of doesn’t matter anymore, really.”

His experience of leading a team distributed across multiple countries has given him a unique perspective on the importance of leveraging global talent.

Building a Global First Company: Technology and Strategy

According to Chris, creating a global-first company requires a focus on technology, infrastructure, and business strategy. Essential tools include cloud-based platforms like Slack, Google Workplace, and scheduling systems like Calendly. He highlights the importance of being mindful of different employment rules worldwide and recommends using companies like Deal for payments and employer of record services to mitigate legal complexities.

The Importance of a Structured Hiring Process

Discussing hiring strategies, Chris emphasized the importance of a structured hiring process.

He said: “you need to have a hiring process set up. And I mean, a real process with a workflow and tools supporting infrastructure.”

Although he doesn’t currently utilize AI for sourcing candidates, he acknowledges its potential usefulness in the future.

Advice for Global Talent

For those looking to be part of a global-first company, Chris advises ensuring proficiency in written English and maintaining a visible online presence, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn. He also emphasizes the importance of responsiveness, even if it’s just to decline an opportunity.

As our conversation concluded, it was clear that Chris Maresca’s insights on building a global-first company and sourcing international talent are valuable for both entrepreneurs and job seekers alike. His perspective underlines the importance of embracing a global mindset in today’s increasingly interconnected world.