Meet Bob Reid, CEO and Co-Founder at Everest:

Bob Reid is the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Everest, a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing global hiring and remote work. With a background in crypto and blockchain, he previously worked at an accelerator in Singapore, collaborating with Ethereum Foundation members. Bob’s innovative spirit led him to co-found Everest, addressing employment compliance and contracting challenges worldwide. In this episode of Default Global podcast, he shares valuable insights on the future of employment and the transformative power of blockchain in the tech industry.

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Introducing Everest and its CEO, Bob Reid

In the latest episode of Default Global, I had the pleasure of speaking with Bob Reid, the CEO and Co-founder of Everest, a platform offering a wide range of financial services, including crypto trading and digital identity verification. Bob, who previously worked at BitTorrent and an accelerator out of Singapore, is passionate about decentralizing digital nation states.

Everest: A Platform for Digital Identity Verification and Financial Services

One of the most intriguing aspects of Everest is its commitment to digital identity verification.

As Bob explained, “Identity is not credential sharing. It’s literally, are you human and unique? Are you this out of the 8 billion people? Are you really this one thing?”

Everest aims to ensure that individuals have complete control over their identities, while also providing a comprehensive platform that includes everything from wallets to global financial platforms.

Everest’s Real-world Impact

Everest’s platform has had a transformative impact on communities and institutions. Bob shared an example of a project in Indonesia where Everest helped distribute subsidies via programmable money to individuals in remote villages, making the process more efficient and less prone to corruption. Moreover, Everest is currently working on giving users sovereignty over their social networks, providing a solution to the issue of bot infiltration.

Building and Managing a Globally Distributed Team

As a global first company, Everest has a diverse, distributed team. Bob emphasized the importance of hiring individuals who genuinely care about the company’s vision and the projects they are working on. Over communication is also crucial when managing a remote team, ensuring that everyone is in the loop and that no one is left to “suffer in silence.”

The Future of Blockchain Identity

Looking at the future, Bob believes that the crypto industry will face increasingly stringent regulations, particularly when it comes to identity verification. He predicts that anonymous transactions will become a thing of the past, and platforms will have to adapt to these changes. However, he also sees an opportunity for blockchain platforms to provide selective information sharing, ensuring that users maintain control over their personal data.

In conclusion, my conversation with Bob Reid was an enlightening exploration of the world of digital identity verification, the impacts of blockchain technology, and the challenges and opportunities of managing a globally distributed team. It’s clear that Everest is at the forefront of some exciting advancements in the crypto and blockchain industry, and I’m eager to see where they go next.