Meet Balazs Paroczay, Founder & CEO at The Source CODΞ Agency:

Balazs Paroczay boasts over 20 years of expertise in talent acquisition, particularly specializing in sourcing leadership and global talent strategies. Beginning as a local researcher in Hungary, he swiftly ascended to leadership roles in research and sourcing. His journey led him to become a Global Sourcing Vice President at a top-tier Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company.

Transitioning to entrepreneurship, Balazs founded a boutique consultancy. He now aids companies in maximizing sourcing efficiency through training, technology support, and strategic guidance. Passionate about sourcing’s complexity, he crafts innovative talent sourcing strategies for global firms, integrating direct sourcing, headhunting, and process optimization. Balazs excels in transforming and optimizing talent acquisition for today’s global marketplace.

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Career Journey of Balazs Paroczay

In my conversation with Balazs Paroczay, the Founder & CEO at The Source CODΞ Agency, he shared his career journey that spans over two decades. Starting as a local researcher in Hungary, he progressed to leadership positions in research and sourcing. Around 2010-2013, sourcing became mainstream and he found himself in sourcing leadership positions. He then advanced to a Global Sourcing VP for one of the largest RPO companies globally. Eventually, he decided to open his own boutique consultancy, where he helps companies maximize their sourcing efficiency and capabilities.

“We do consultancy, we do training, we do technology support, technology consultancy, and all sorts of things,” he said.

Qualities of a Good Sourcer and Recruiter

When asked about the qualities that make a good sourcer and recruiter, Paroczay emphasized the importance of strong searching capabilities and smart intelligence.

“The way how a sourcer should be able to find information…That’s sort of like still sourcing. I do believe that a good sourcer is someone who can search and who can engage,” he noted.

As for recruiters, they need strong project management skills and must be good client managers. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of digital capabilities and skills.

The Role of Engagement in Recruiting

Paroczay noted that the shift from searching for people to engaging them has been due to the growth of online presence or digital footprint. The ease of finding people has led to an increase in outreach messages and engagement actions. Thus, standing out from the crowd and ensuring responses from candidates has become critical.

“Engagement has certainly become really critical. Like, what will I do? How will I write my email that will make sure the engineer or my candidates will reply to me? How can I stand out of the crowd?” he explained.

The Future of Talent Sourcing

Regarding the future of talent sourcing, Paroczay believes that while some parts of the process can be automated, human intelligence will still be needed to instruct these searches. He also mentioned the potential of matching technologies, which have been around for at least a decade, to become more sophisticated. However, he cautioned against blindly accepting everything that technology brings.

“It won’t make our life easier. It will make some steps easier, but it will just change the way we recruit,” he said.

Final Thoughts and Advice

Paroczay advised recruiters to work on their personal brand and embrace technology as it’s here to stay. He emphasized that personal branding is crucial, as is getting used to digital tools and technologies.

“You have to understand that technology will not go away. You may go away, you may be fired, you may be made redundant, but technology will not go away,” he stated.