Meet Adam Redlich, Founder at Redlich Talent Advisors:

Adam Redlich, Founder of Redlich Talent Advisors, boasts 34 years in talent acquisition and people operations. From agency recruitment to shaping Google’s Southern California engineering presence during its explosive growth to founding Redlich Talent Advisors, his expertise spans global hiring strategies and empowering organizations to attract and retain top talent efficiently. A leading authority, Redlich navigates the complexities of employment compliance, remote work, and talent management with precision and insight.

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Adam Redlich: From Talent Acquisition at Google to Founding Redlich Talent Advisors

I recently had an enlightening conversation with Adam Redlich, Founder at Redlich Talent Advisors, on the Default Global podcast. Adam brought in his rich experience of over 30 years in talent acquisition, including significant roles at Google. He mentioned how his career journey helped him divide his experiences into three chunks – agency recruitment, internal recruitment, and finally, focusing on venture and growth stage companies.

“At Redlich Talent Advisors, we enable to attract, hire, and retain staff in a structured, streamlined, and efficient manner,” he explained.

Underestimation in Business Services

When asked about the most often underestimated service in business, Adam highlighted recruitment and foundations for retention.

He said, “Founders have a great idea, they’re in love with it, they think it’s the greatest thing and can’t understand why anybody would not want to join them on their journey. But the recruitment process becomes a bit more challenging.”

He emphasized the importance of implementing programs around career progression and employee happiness and engagement.

Key Talent Strategies for Rapid Growth

Adam went on to discuss the talent strategies he implemented while helping fintech company Octane grow by over 500% in three years. He stressed on structuring the hiring process, aligning it with the company values, and ensuring a quick decision-making process.

“We were able to move quicker, and we reduced that time to hire from 89 days to 30 days,” Adam added.

Maintaining Collaboration in Project TurboHire

Adam shed light on the importance of maintaining collaboration between the CTO and the recruitment team during the project TurboHire, where he was tasked to triple the size of the engineering team. He emphasized that the key to successful collaboration was the alignment on the criteria, competencies, and expectations of candidates and regularly scheduled meetings to discuss any roadblocks or celebrate any wins.

Setting Up Interview Standards

Adam also shared his approach to setting up interview standards and adjusting them to fit different company cultures.

He noted, “The structured approach is transferable and works, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Each culture is different.”

The Role of AI in Recruitment

Adam also shared his thoughts on the growing role of AI in recruitment. While acknowledging its benefits in the early stages of recruitment, he cautioned against the potential risks of heavily relying on AI, such as missing out on transferable skills and perpetuating biases.

“A human can work to fix that, but an AI model only knows what it’s trained on,” he said.

Managing a Global Team

Adam concluded the discussion by sharing his keys to managing and integrating a global team, emphasizing the practice of asynchronous communication and fair scheduling of meetings across different geographies.

The Future of Recruitment Industry

Looking ahead, Adam expressed his optimism for the recruitment industry in 2024. He predicted that companies will continue to do more with less, but the ability for companies to hire will grow.

He concluded, “I’m very optimistic about what 2024 might hold.”