Case Study: How Versal Saves $440K Annually With a Remote Engineering Team

The Client




California, USA



Remote Status:

Fully Remote


Large Financial Institutions

Team Location:

USA, Europe, Asia

Company Description:

Versal is revolutionizing the payment industry with its Web3 platform, enabling seamless transactions across various digital assets including stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), cryptocurrencies, and tokenized assets like NFTs. This innovative system aims to cater to a global audience by providing a versatile and secure financial network.


Versal faced several critical challenges in scaling its operations:

1. Expert Talent Acquisition: Following disappointing experiences with previous hiring agencies, Versal required a reliable strategy to secure top-notch engineering talent with specialized knowledge in fintech and Financial API development.

2. Cost Optimization: As an early-stage startup, Versal needed to balance the urgency of rapid development with the necessity of minimizing hiring and operational costs, all without compromising on the quality of talent.

3. Building a Trustworthy Team: Beyond filling technical positions, Versal aimed to construct a core team of highly trustworthy and experienced Financial API engineers, essential for establishing confidence among their clients in the highly regulated financial sector.

Addressing these challenges is crucial for Versal as it seeks to establish itself as a leader in the emerging field of Web3 financial solutions.


Globy effectively addressed Versal’s recruitment challenges by assembling a top-tier team of fintech experts:

1. Expert Team Assembly: Globy built a team from scratch, consisting of senior engineers with extensive fintech experience, strong communication skills, and proactive attitudes, enabling them to handle sensitive financial integration tasks.

2. Productivity and Collaboration: Over three years, this team has consistently demonstrated high productivity levels and effective collaboration with Versal’s internal teams.

3. Comprehensive Operational Support: Globy managed all HR, compliance, and payroll operations, allowing Versal to focus on core development tasks.

4. Cost Optimization: By sourcing talent globally, Globy achieved significant cost savings compared to the US market, balancing quality and budget efficiency effectively.

This strategy not only filled critical roles but also supported Versal’s growth and innovation in the competitive Web3 space.

Candidate Requirements

Versal seeks candidates with the following qualifications:

1. Technical Expertise: Proficiency in Java and Spring is essential.

2. Experience: Candidates must have at least 5 years’ experience in relevant technologies, preferably within startup environments.

3. Language Skills: Fluency in English and strong communication skills are required.

4. Cultural Fit: A stable career history and strong alignment with Versal’s dynamic culture are important.

5. Availability: Candidates must be able to work within US time zones for effective collaboration.

These criteria ensure candidates are well-equipped technically and culturally to contribute to Versal’s innovative projects.

Recruitment Pipeline Performance and Results

Senior Tech Talents

Stage of Recruitment

Conversion Rate

Initial Interviews Passed:

72.7% of initial candidates

Tech Challenge Passed:

63.6% of initial candidates

Culture Fit Passed:

45.5% of initial candidates


42% of initial candidates

Conclusion: This data shows the rigorous selection process and high standards set for the Senior Java Engineer positions at Versal, ensuring only the most qualified candidates advance through each recruitment stage.


In our three-year partnership with Globy, we’ve seen exceptional results. They quickly provided top-tier engineers, ensuring high-quality work with no turnover. Their stable, effective service in global hiring and remote work is unparalleled, making them a key asset in our growth journey.”

Nas Kavian | Co-Founder at Versal

Summary of Achievements and Savings

Versal’s strategic recruitment has led to substantial savings and enhanced operational efficiency:

Achievements and Savings




Total Annual Salary Savings for Team


55% reduction in total salary costs for team

Total Annual Operational Cost Savings for Team


71% reduction in total operational costs for team

Combined Total Annual Savings for Team


64% combined total cost savings for team

3-Year Total Savings


Hire Success Rate


This table clearly illustrates how Versal’s strategic hiring approach not only meets their talent requirements but also significantly lowers expenses, improving financial efficiency and enabling greater investment in core business activities.