Case Study: Sydecar’s Strategic Recruitment – Securing Premier Tech Talent with High Conversion

The Client




$16.4M in Seed funding


California, USA



Backed by:

Anthemis Group, PEAK6


50+ employees

Remote Status:


Team Location:

North America, South America

Company Description:

Sydecar provides a streamlined deal execution platform that automates essential back-office functions for venture investors, allowing them to concentrate on deal-making and relationship building


Sydecar was poised to scale their engineering team rapidly with top-tier talent from Latin America, yet encountered several impediments:

1. Inefficient Partners: The company grappled with the inefficiencies of previous recruitment partners who supplied a flood of irrelevant CVs. This process resulted in a dismal conversion rate of below 1%, leading to significant wastage of time and resources.

2. Budget Constraints: As an early-stage fintech startup, Sydecar faced the necessity of implementing cost-effective hiring solutions. They needed to maintain strict budgetary discipline without sacrificing the quality of the talent they sought to attract.

3. Quality and Cultural Fit: Sydecar aimed to assemble a high-performing engineering team. The challenge was to find individuals from Latin America who not only had the required technical skills but also resonated with Sydecar’s dynamic company culture.

Solution and Implementation

To address their recruitment challenges and achieve their growth goals, Sydecar partnered with a specialized recruitment agency focused on Latin American markets. This strategy involved:

  • Targeted Recruitment: Focusing on sourcing super senior DevOps and Fullstack (Node/React) engineers from Latin America to ensure a blend of expertise and cost-efficiency.

  • Streamlined Process: Implementing a streamlined hiring process that included rigorous technical and cultural assessments to enhance the conversion rate and reduce time-to-hire.

  • Cultural Alignment: Emphasizing cultural fit in the recruitment process to ensure that new hires would seamlessly integrate with Sydecar’s dynamic work environment.

This solution enabled Sydecar to rapidly build a high-quality team while significantly reducing hiring costs and operational inefficiencies.

Candidate Requirements

To support their rapid growth and technical demands, Sydecar outlined specific requirements for candidates in their recruitment drive:

Technical Skills:

  • DevOps Engineers: Candidates needed to have proven experience in managing cloud infrastructure and automating deployment processes, which are critical for maintaining the scalability and reliability of Sydecar’s platform.

  • Fullstack Developers: Proficiency in Node.js and React was required, ensuring candidates could contribute effectively to both the back-end and front-end development of Sydecar’s deal execution platform.

Cultural Fit:

  • Candidates needed to resonate with Sydecar’s dynamic and innovative culture, showing adaptability, enthusiasm for fintech innovation, and a commitment to contributing positively to team dynamics.

Time Zone Overlap:

  • PST Overlap: It was crucial for candidates to have significant working hours that overlap with the Pacific Standard Time zone to facilitate real-time collaboration and participation in critical team activities and meetings.


  • Perfect English: Candidates were required to have excellent command of the English language and high-level communication skills to ensure clear and effective collaboration across globally distributed teams.

Recruitment Pipeline Performance and Results

Senior DevOps Engineer:

Stage of Recruitment

Number of Candidates

Conversion Rate

Candidates Reviewed:


Initial Interviews Passed:



Tech Challenge Passed: 



Culture Fit Passed:





20% (2 out of 10)

Conclusion: Sydecar’s DevOps recruitment emphasized both technical prowess and cultural fit, leading to a precise selection process. The significant reduction from the technical to the cultural round underlines the company’s commitment to ensuring candidates align with its collaborative culture.

Senior Fullstacke Engineer (Node/React/Type):

Stage of Recruitment

Number of Candidates

Conversion Rate

Candidates Reviewed:


Initial Interviews Passed:



Tech Challenge Passed: 



Culture Fit Passed:






Conclusion: The Fullstack recruitment process at Sydecar maintained high retention rates across stages, with many candidates advancing from technical to cultural rounds and ultimately being hired. This demonstrates the effectiveness of their recruitment in securing candidates who are both technically skilled and a good cultural match.


Working with Globy for the past few years has been an excellent experience. Instead of flooding me with tons of irrelevant CVs and excess process, Globy consistently hand-picked a smaller number of winners, with probably an 85% hire rate— that’s phenomenal, since my bar is hella high. There’s no overpromising with Globy; they tell you exactly what to expect from each person. The last team I built, in a ground-up startup, was almost all Globy; the next team I build will likely be 100% Globy-sourced. It just removes so much hassle, wasted time, and mis-hires. Compared to other recruiters we hired through, there’s basically no contest.”

Will Kessler | Head of Product at Sydecar


Sydecar’s strategic initiative to leverage Latin American talent for its engineering team has significantly optimized costs while maintaining high standards of expertise. This approach allowed for rapid technical team expansion in alignment with the company’s growth objectives and strict budget requirements in the fintech sector.

Achievements and Savings




Total Annual Salary Savings



Total Operational Cost Savings

Up to $180,000 annually


Combined Total Annual Savings

$1,100,000 annually


Conversion Rate Improvement

Improved from less than 1% to 20%

19% higher than previous partners

Sydecar’s cost-effective strategy not only resulted in considerable financial savings but also reinforced their ability to scale operations sustainably. This case illustrates the profound impact of strategic international recruitment on operational efficiency and financial health in competitive sectors like fintech.

Strategic and Operational Impact:

Sydecar’s recruitment strategy had a profound impact on both strategic growth and operational efficiencies:

  • Rapid Team Expansion: By successfully hiring top-tier tech talent from Latin America, Sydecar quickly scaled its engineering capabilities, crucial for advancing their platform development and meeting market demands efficiently.

  • Cost Efficiency: The focused recruitment approach led to substantial savings of $1.1 million, optimizing budget utilization without compromising on talent quality. This financial efficiency supports more strategic reinvestment into core business areas.

  • Enhanced Team Dynamics: The emphasis on cultural fit ensured that new hires integrated seamlessly into Sydecar’s existing teams, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment that enhances productivity and drives technological advancement.

  • Long-term Sustainability: The strategic alignment of recruitment with business goals not only met immediate needs but also positioned Sydecar for sustainable growth, allowing them to remain competitive in the fast-evolving fintech sector.