Case Study: MWW Slashed Global Hiring Costs by 44% While Boosting Talent Acquisition in Latin America

The Client




New York, USA


PR & Communication


Subaru, Amazon, Nikon, Heineken, Deloitte


400+ employees

Remote Status: 


Team Location:

USA, UK, Mexico

Company Description:

MikeWorldWide (MWW) is an industry leader in independent integrated PR, boasting a robust presence across the US and UK, along with a global network that delivers comprehensive communication strategies and public relations services to a distinguished set of clients.


MWW faces several strategic challenges as it seeks to sustain growth and maintain its leadership in the PR industry:

1. Expanding Talent Needs: The agency’s growth necessitates the continual acquisition of skilled professionals to meet the increasing demands and uphold service excellence.

2. Slow Talent Acquisition in the US: In its home market, MWW struggles with a prolonged recruitment process that hinders its ability to swiftly onboard the talent necessary to support its service levels and growth aspirations.

3. Unsuccessful Initial Recruitment in Latin America: Attempts to recruit talent from Latin America were not fruitful. The team’s unfamiliarity with the talent hubs and effective recruitment strategies in these regions led to engaging with candidates who did not meet MWW’s high standards.

4. Cost Optimization Needs: In response to global expansion and the need to stay competitive, MWW is looking to optimize costs. This includes finding recruitment solutions that can streamline hiring processes and reduce operational expenditures without compromising on talent quality.

5. Payroll and Compliance Challenges: Expanding into new markets has brought complexities in managing payroll and ensuring compliance with local labor laws, particularly in regions where MWW lacks a physical presence or deep understanding of local regulatory frameworks.

    Addressing these challenges is critical for MWW to continue its trajectory as a leading PR agency, adapting to dynamic market conditions while upholding its commitment to delivering top-tier services to its clients.

    Solution and Implementation

    Devsisters partnered with Globy to efficiently tackle the challenges of entering the Latin American market. Here’s how they implemented solutions:

    To overcome its recruitment challenges and optimize its global expansion, MikeWorldWide enlisted Globy, which developed and implemented a comprehensive strategic solution:

    1. Strategic Expansion Planning:

    • Market Analysis: Globy conducted detailed evaluations of potential talent markets in Latin America, assessing factors like local talent availability, experience in the PR industry, and compatibility with Eastern Time (ET) zone operations. Compensation trends and legal hiring conditions were also analyzed.

    • Optimal Country Identification: This groundwork allowed Globy to pinpoint the most suitable countries for MWW’s expansion, providing a clear and actionable expansion strategy.

    2. Recruitment Execution:

    • Specialized Recruitment Team: Globy deployed a dedicated team of international recruiters with expertise in PR and communications to ensure the quality and speed of the recruitment process. This team focused on aligning candidate profiles with MWW’s stringent criteria and job specifications.

    3. Payroll and Compliance Guidance:

    • Regulatory and Financial Support: Globy offered crucial guidance on payroll and compliance, helping MWW navigate the complexities of setting up operations in new international markets and ensuring legal and financial compliance.

    Results: The collaboration with Globy significantly enhanced the efficiency of MWW’s recruitment process, leading to a high conversion rate and rapid filling of key positions.

    Candidate Requirements

    MikeWorldWide (MWW) is seeking candidates for several key roles including Account Executives, Designers, and Project Managers, each essential to the agency’s strategic expansion:

    1. Experience: Candidates should have 5-7 years of relevant professional experience.

    2. Domain Expertise: A deep understanding of the PR & Communication industry is crucial, ensuring candidates are capable of navigating the sector’s challenges and opportunities.

    3. Language Proficiency: Fluency in English with high-level communication skills is required for effective client interaction and internal collaboration.

    4. Cultural Fit: Prospective hires should align with MWW’s culture, demonstrated by a stable career history with at least two years in each previous position.

    5. US Market Experience: Experience managing large US accounts, such as Amazon or Heineken, is necessary to understand the demands and expectations of significant clients.

    6. Time Zone Compatibility: Ability to work within the Eastern Standard Time (EST) to align with MWW’s primary business hours.

    These criteria are designed to ensure that new hires not only fulfill technical role requirements but also integrate smoothly into MWW’s team, contributing to the agency’s global initiatives and client service excellence.

    Recruitment Pipeline Performance and Results

    Talent Pipeline:

    Stage of Recruitment

    Conversion Rate

    Initial Interviews Passed:

    70% of the initially reviewed candidates moved on to the next stage.

    Tech & Culture Fit Passed:

    50% of initially reviewed candidates successfully met both the technical and cultural requirements.

    Assessment Passed:

    40% of initially reviewed candidates passed the detailed assessment stage.


    40% of initially reviewed candidates were ultimately hired.


    MikeWorldWide’s strategic recruitment initiative in Latin America not only streamlined their operational efficiency but also significantly reduced their financial outlay for talent acquisition. By hiring in regions with a lower cost of labor and operational expenses, MWW achieved remarkable savings while maintaining the high quality of talent required for their global PR campaigns.

    This strategic approach underscores MikeWorldWide’s commitment to optimizing their financial resources (44% hiring cost reduction) while expanding their global footprint effectively. The substantial savings achieved enable MWW to reinvest in core business areas, driving innovation and enhancing service delivery worldwide.