Case Study: Devsisters Accelerates Global Expansion- Lands Top AAA Studio Talent with 25% Hiring Efficiency

The Client






USA and South Korea




Over 200 million players worldwide


800+ employees

Remote Status: 


Team Location:

North America, South America, Asia, Europe

Company Description:

Founded in 2007, Devsisters has grown into a prominent player in the global gaming industry. With over 800 employees spread across four global hubs on three continents, the company has successfully captured the attention of more than 200 million players with its engaging and innovative mobile entertainment and gaming apps. 


As Devsisters prepared for a significant expansion into the Latin American market with their game products, they encountered several challenges in adapting and localizing their products for new regional audiences.

Recruitment Challenges:

1. Inadequate Talent Recruitment: Previous partnerships with recruitment agencies failed to meet Devsisters’ high standards. The talent sourced was often not up to par, resulting in unsustainable hiring and a continuous search for qualified candidates.

2. Lack of Local Market Expertise: Devsisters faced a steep learning curve with no prior experience in the Latin American talent market. This included unfamiliarity with the best locations for sourcing talent and effective recruitment strategies, complicating their ability to find and attract the right professionals.

3. Regulatory and Legal Hurdles: Entering a new market without existing legal entities posed significant challenges. Devsisters lacked knowledge about local labor laws and tax regulations, which are crucial for establishing operations and managing new teams legally and effectively.

4. Efficiency in Recruitment Processes: The need for rapid expansion meant that Devsisters could not afford to waste time interviewing candidates who had not been adequately vetted. The hiring process needed to be optimized to quickly deliver qualified, culturally aligned team members.

These challenges required a robust, strategic approach to hiring that would support Devsisters’ ambitious growth targets while ensuring compliance and cultural fit within the new market.

Solution and Implementation

Devsisters partnered with Globy to efficiently tackle the challenges of entering the Latin American market. Here’s how they implemented solutions:

1. Calibration Candidates:

  • To ensure alignment with Devsisters’ high standards and to avoid any potential time waste, Globy provided a series of calibration candidates. This initial step allowed Devsisters to confirm that the quality of candidates met their expectations before formally proceeding with the recruitment process.

2. Market Analysis and Strategic Advice:

  • Globy conducted an in-depth market analysis to identify the best locations for sourcing the specific talent Devsisters required. This analysis considered several factors, including the size of the talent pool, the prevalence of professionals with experience in Triple-A game studios, and the geographical time zone advantages for regional coverage.

3. Payroll and Compliance Guidance:

  • As Devsisters lacked a physical presence and familiarity with local labor laws in Latin America, Globy provided essential guidance on payroll and compliance.

4. Customized Pre-Vetting Process:

  • To streamline the hiring process and maximize efficiency, Globy established a tailored pre-vetting procedure that matched Devsisters’ specific requirements in candidate qualifications, expertise, and skills. This customized approach led to a high conversion rate, significantly reducing the time Devsisters’ hiring team spent on interviewing non-qualified candidates.

Recruitment Pipeline Performance and Results

Talent Pipeline:

Stage of Recruitment

Conversion Rate

Initial Interviews Passed:


Tech Challenge Passed: 


Culture Fit Passed:





In just 4 weeks Devsisters successfully navigated the challenge of recruiting top-tier talent for their Latin American expansion, achieving a notable 25% conversion rate from initial review to hire. This expedited and effective recruitment process led to the acquisition of exceptional candidates, including talent with prior experience at prestigious Triple-A game studios like Ubisoft.

The focus on quality and cultural fit ensured that the hires were not only technically adept but also well-aligned with Devsisters’ dynamic environment. This approach highlights Devsisters’ commitment to integrating superior talent rapidly and efficiently, positioning them for continued success and growth in the global gaming market.