Default Global Podcast

Hey, thanks for stopping by! My name is Vit Koval, and I’m the host @Default Global!

Over the past decade, I’ve navigated the tech industry, aiding dozens of US tech companies ($1M-$100M in ARR) in building remote and distributed teams across the globe.

Since we launched, we’ve helped dozens of US/EU entrepreneurs, including PayPal, Google, Disney and Ethereum ex-execs, and startups backed by A16z, YC, Anthemis, Base10 and more to outperform their competitors by hiring the most talented tech and product talent in the US and EU time zones!


We launched the Default Global podcast to empower entrepreneurs and executives with expert insights and best practices for global business expansion. Featuring global-first founders, tech leaders, and remote work gurus, our goal is to shape a future where companies naturally excel globally.

Our Guests:

Our podcast spotlights the top-tier of the Global Top 50 Remote Work Influencers, pioneering global-first founders, visionary investors, and industry giants from firms like Gitlab, Oyster, Deel, Hubspot, Zapier and more.

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Podcast Audience:

  • TOP US/EU Entrepreneurs and C-level execs aiming for global business growth.
  • 10K+ tech talents from LatAm, the US, and Europe, pursuing global career opportunities.

Topics & Talking points:

  • Global Workforce Expansion: Best practices for hiring and growing your team across borders.
  • Global-First Companies: Strategies for building and managing a globally-minded company.
  • Product Localization: Adapting and tailoring your product for diverse international markets.
  • Business Expansion: Guiding your company’s successful entry into global markets.


  1. Schedule Recording: Pick a convenient date and time from my calendar.
  2. Prepare: I’ll send you tailored questions for review and preparation.
  3. Record: We’ll conduct a 20-minute Q&A video session. Relax and share your thoughts freely.

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