🎙️Default Global Podcast

👋 Hey, thanks for stopping by! My name is Vit Koval, and I’m the host @Default Global!

Over the past decade, I’ve navigated the tech industry, aiding dozens of US tech companies ($1M-$100M in ARR) in building remote and distributed teams across the globe.

Since we launched, we’ve helped dozens of US/EU entrepreneurs, including PayPal, Google, Disney and Ethereum ex-execs, and startups backed by A16z, YC, Anthemis, Base10 and more to outperform their competitors by hiring the most talented tech and product talent in the US 🇺🇸 and EU 🇪🇺 time zones!

🌎 Mission

We launched the Default Global podcast to empower entrepreneurs and executives with expert insights and best practices for global business expansion. Featuring global-first founders, tech leaders, and remote work gurus, our goal is to shape a future where companies naturally excel globally.

💚 Our Guests:

Our podcast spotlights the top-tier of the Global Top 50 Remote Work Influencers, pioneering global-first founders, visionary investors, and industry giants from firms like Gitlab, Oyster, Deel, Hubspot, Zapier and more.

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🎯Podcast Audience:

  • TOP US/EU Entrepreneurs and C-level execs aiming for global business growth.
  • 10K+ tech talents from LatAm, the US, and Europe, pursuing global career opportunities.

💬 Topics & Talking points:

  • Global Workforce Expansion: Best practices for hiring and growing your team across borders.
  • Global-First Companies: Strategies for building and managing a globally-minded company.
  • Product Localization: Adapting and tailoring your product for diverse international markets.
  • Business Expansion: Guiding your company’s successful entry into global markets.

🎭 Process:

  1. Schedule Recording: Pick a convenient date and time from my calendar.
  2. Prepare: I’ll send you tailored questions for review and preparation.
  3. Record: We’ll conduct a 20-minute Q&A video session. Relax and share your thoughts freely.

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