For the past few years, Latin America has been one of the largest exporters of global tech expertise. In 2022, the number of companies that hired tech experts from Latin America grew by more than 156%. When you break down the recruitment of tech experts by country, it’s clear that Brazil is at the top of the list. 

Brazil has remained one of the top locations to hire software developers and other tech experts. However, if you’ve never hired developers in Brazil, you may be unfamiliar with the process. It can be a hassle to navigate the long list of software engineers here, as well as to study how local labor laws affect the hiring process. 

Why is Brazil a Prime Location for Software Development?

If you’re interested in hiring skilled software developers for your business, Brazil is filled with qualified experts. There are a few reasons that make this location one of the best places to look for skilled software developers. 

Competitive Costs

The level of competition of software developers in Brazil is high. This intense competition makes it impossible for anyone to set arbitrary prices for their services. It is also considerably cheaper to become a software developer in this region. So, anyone interested in hiring from this region will benefit from the competitive pricing of different developers. 

The cost-effectiveness of hiring a software developer from Brazil is also evident in the favorable exchange rate between the US Dollar and Brazilian Real. The average salary of a Brazilian software developer is about USD 82,600 annually. It’s cheaper than hiring US software developers who charge as high as USD 136,000 annually. 

High Talent Retention Rate

Another reason to hire software developers in Brazil is the region’s high talent retention rate. Unlike countries which are prone to switching jobs, Brazilians have a sense of loyalty instilled in them. As a result, there’s a sense of stability in the country’s software development ecosystem. Companies are more likely to work with the same developers till the completion of their project. 

Robust Tech Landscape and Innovative Startup Scene

Brazil also excels as a top location for software developers because the region has a supportive infrastructure for these tech experts. Brazil’s tech and innovation centers will ensure that these individuals who are skilled at Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Mobile Development, Programming languages, etc. can collaborate and share ideas on the latest technological advancements. Hence, projects are tackled faster and more effectively. Yes, there’s a heavy presence of software developers locally and these experts enjoy favorable work conditions.

Fluency in English 

While Brazil’s lingua franca is Portuguese, Brazil software developers are fluent in English. Many of these IT experts can speak enough English to work for an English-speaking company. However, many of these experts can still speak the language at an elementary level. Many of these tech experts can also use software tools to translate work correspondence. 

Startup Environment in Brazil

There’s a growing number of Brazilian startups that employ software developers. The top 277 Brazilian custom software development companies are either small or midsize. Brazil also has more than 30 large software companies that each employ more than 10,000 workers. Furthermore, US startups constantly hire developers from this region to support their in-house projects. 

Brazilian IT Talent Pool Overview

There’s no gain in saying that Brazil has the largest tech pool in Latin America. Let’s look at the facts that backup this claim. 

Popular software services in Brazil include Mobile Application Development, Web Development, and UI/UX design. These developers are also experts in other fields such as Cloud Services, AI development, Big Data, IoT development and Blockchain technology. If you need someone to write a programming language for you in Brazil, there are a plethora of them available. You’ll find 24,000 JavaScript developers, 34,000 Java developers, 13.000 Python developers, 169,000 C++ developers and 15,000 PHP developers. 

Another interesting statistic about Brazil’s talent pool is that the region ranks third highest among LATAM countries in Coursera. These developers have the highest scores in Data Science (99%) and are well-represented in technology skills too (87%). 

Despite the positives of Brazil’s tech talent pool, it’s exciting to find that more software developers are joining the long list of experts annually. Every year, more than 46,000 graduates join Brazil’s ICT sector. This country has about 2,457 higher institutions dedicated to training graduates in fields such as software development, computer science, and information systems. In fact, five of these institutions feature in Latin America’s top 30 QS rankings for 2023.

A good number of Brazilian software developers are also fluent in English. A research by EliteBrains revealed that Brazilian software engineers and developers had enough proficiency in English to work for English-speaking companies. However, there are several developers that can only speak English at a basic level while others can only read and write. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring Software Developers in Brazil

When it comes to software development, Brazil has a high ranking compared to other countries. However, what merits or demerits exist from hiring software developers from this region? Take a look: 

Pros of Hiring Software Developers in BrazilCons of Hiring Software Developers in Brazil
The first noteworthy benefit of hiring software developers in Brazil is that it offers you access to a growing pool of experts. Currently, there are more than 500,000 Brazilian software developers. This extensive talent pool from this region is also renowned for delivering exceptional results. So, the creativity, dedication and adaptability of Brazilian software developers makes a difference. A major disadvantage of hiring software developers in Brazil is the cultural and operational differences that these experts may face. Because their work connects them to companies from different legal jurisdictions, they are exposed to a new way of doing things or organizational setup. Therefore, these experts must adapt to new systems for optimal efficiency and positive results. 
If you outsource software developers from Brazil, it allows you to benefit from a social infrastructure that supports technology. In Brazil, there are innovation centers and tech parks that allow developers to openly display their creativity. These facilities also support sharing ideas, collaboration and technological growth. The infrastructure enables the current crop of software developers to get better while bringingin new experts to the industry. 
Another exciting benefit of hiring Brazilian software developers is that it allows you hire the best hands to work for you at a reasonable cost. Because of the abundance of software developers in the region, it’s impossible for any single person or business to monopolize such services. However, you should note that you may have to part with a good amount of money for the best services. 

How to Efficient Hire Software Developers in Brazil

We’ve mentioned earlier that hiring software developers in Brazil is a complex process. Now let’s discuss efficient ways to hire software developers in Brazil with little or no hassle. Here are a few methods to try: 

  • Engage Freelance Experts: If you want to hire a software developer without a contractual agreement, you can use freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. All you have to do is post your project, interview the top offers and collaborate directly with the developer. Freelance platforms offer more flexibility and scalability for projects. 
  • Use Recruitment Agencies: Another efficient method to try is to hire recruitment agencies to do the heavy lifting for you. They will streamline the process and present you with a list of the most qualified candidates. All you have to do is choose. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hiring process, hire Globy to connect you to reliable labor recruitment agencies that will provide you with plenty of talent. 
  • Collaborate with Outsourcing Vendors: This method will give you access to a vast team of skilled developers. These goers will manage the recruitment, and onboarding of developers, allowing you to focus on crucial aspects of business while leveraging the best talent simultaneously. 
  • Collaborate with Employer of Record (EOR): This method is an effective way for small, medium and large-scale enterprizes to hire a software developer. It involves working with a hiring agency to build a software development team according to your needs. An EOR is also capable of handling all aspects of the recruitment in compliance with local laws. This method also allows you to onboard developers efficiently without slowing down your operations. If you’re struggling to find an EOR, let Globy help you. At Globy, you’ll find a vast network of recruitment, compliance and payroll burdens to ease your administrative burden.

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What is the Tech Background of Software Developers in Brazil?

Brazil’s talent pool benefits from top-notch institutions like the University of Sao Paulo, Estacio de sa University, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, University of Brasilia and Federal University of Rio De Janeiro that train graduates in computer science, engineering, etc. There are also cutting-edge tech hubs in Recife where software developers in Brazil receive world-class education and training.

In terms of tech stack, Brazilian developers are also well-versed in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks, including Java, Python, JavaScript, and more. 

What are the Salary Trends for Software Developers in Brazil?

Software developers in Brazil are handsomely rewarded for their skills and expertise. According to Deels, a Junior software developer makes an average of USD 2,300 per month while a mid-level software developer makes USD 5,400 per month. However, senior software developers make an average of USD 6,900 per month. The figures may vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and specialization.

In terms of domain, the best-paid software developers are DevOps engineers at USD 6,000 per month. Following closely are data scientists, game developers and iOS engineers who earn USD 5,800, USD 2,900 and USD 9,500 per month respectively. 

But it’s not just about the paycheck. Brazilian software developers also enjoy a range of benefits and perks, including flexible work arrangements, opportunities for professional development, and a vibrant tech community that fosters collaboration and networking.

Navigating Brazil’s Software Development Market

Brazil has excelled as one of the countries with the most software developers because of its supportive tech infrastructure. São Paulo is one of the vibrant tech hubs in the region. Popular tech stacks in São Paulo focus on Python, Java and JavaScript. This city is home to 2,700 tech startups with a GDP higher than the economies of Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. Some of the government incentives that have benefited Brazilian software developers here include cybersecurity initiatives, startup support and an AI bill. 

As of September 2021, the Brazilian Tech market boasted more than 1.2 million employees. However, 630,000 of these people worked in IT while 133,000 were qualified to participate in the software market. Furthermore, Brazil also boasts 500,000 IT professionals working offshore. According to Kearney Global Services Location Index 2023, this region is also ranked as the 4th best for IT outsourcing in terms of business environment, technical skills and availability, investment climate suitability and financial attractiveness. 

Brazilian software developers have many internationally renowned achievements. For example, Brazilian developers are 14th in the TopCoder country rankings. The Coursera Global Skills Report 2023 also ranks them 14th globally in technology and 2nd in data science. Furthermore, Brazil is well represented on GitHub and is the region with the sixth-highest number of accounts on the platform, only after India, the UK, the United States, China, and Germany. 

What You Need To Know To Hire A Developer In-house

Brazilian software developers have certain unique characteristics you should be aware of before onboarding them. They include: 

  • Time Zone Difference: There’s a small time zone difference between the US and Brazil which is a big plus for software companies. Brazil has four time zones. The Brazilian local time zone is two hours later than the Central Standard Time (CST) that runs through the US. However, its West UTC-5 time zone aligns with Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is also used in New York and Washington DC. West UTC-5 is one hour ahead of CST. It means teams in both countries can work closely because their time runs similarly. Over the long run, queries will be answered quicker and deadlines will be easier to meet. 
  • Public Holidays in Brazil: Brazil has a long list of public holidays which you must learn to plan ahead for how they may affect work. There are about 30 holidays each year – running from January to December. These holidays include New Year’s Day, Carnival Monday, Carnival Tuesday, Carnival Wednesday, Pernambuco revolution, Good Friday, Tirantes Day, Labor Day, Corpus Cristi, and São João day. 

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The best way to hire a software developer in Brazil is through a combination of recruitment strategies, including job postings on online platforms, networking events, and leveraging referrals from industry professionals. You may also hire a recruiting agency, like Globy, to handle all the heavy lifting while staying compliant with local laws. Each method offers unique opportunities to connect with talented developers and assess their skills and fit for your team.

Brazil offers a thriving tech ecosystem with a growing demand for skilled software engineers. With a robust economy, diverse talent pool, and supportive startup culture, Brazil presents ample opportunities for software engineers to pursue rewarding careers and contribute to innovative projects in various industries.

The average salary for software developers in Brazil varies depending on factors such as experience, location, and specialization. In major tech hubs like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, salaries tend to be higher, ranging from approximately USD 950 to USD 2,900 per month, with additional benefits and bonuses.

Yes, you can hire a software developer in Brazil through various channels, including recruitment agencies, online job platforms, and professional networking events. By leveraging these resources and conducting thorough interviews and assessments, you can find skilled developers who are well-suited to meet your project needs and contribute to your team’s success.

Hiring software developers in Brazil can be challenging due to high demand and competition for top talent. However, by adopting proactive recruitment strategies, offering competitive compensation and benefits, and showcasing your company’s culture and opportunities for growth, you can attract and retain talented developers who align with your organization’s goals and values.

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