Staff Software Engineer – Data Platform Engineering

Data is at the very core of the decisions we make at CircleCI. We leverage our wealth of data to help build our product, understand our customers’ needs, and to help those customers make better engineering decisions themselves.

We’re looking for a talented, leadership focused engineer to join the team serving as the stewards of that data – our Data Platform team.

The team that you will be a key part of is a talented group of engineers focused on delivering the tools, processes, and products used to get our data into the hands of teams across our organization and to our customers. You will be working on ingesting, curating, and publishing data to and from a variety of sources from our own product to the tools we use to do business.

Experience You Bring To This Role

  • Prior, proven data platform or data infrastructure experience
  • 5+ years of professional experience building and debugging data-focused or infrastructure systems in a SaaS environment
  • You write code that’s easily readable, testable, and maintainable, with an eye towards building in observability from the start.
  • You’re comfortable with modern data engineering and data platform tools and programming languages. Technologies like Python, MongoDB, and Postgres don’t scare you, and you have used tools like Snowflake, Redshift, or BigQuery in previous roles.
  • You’re good at managing the ambiguity of a small, rapidly-growing company: adjusting to changing priorities, making conscious tradeoffs when guidance is limited and information is incomplete, and instituting best practices from scratch when needed.
  • You can adopt a product-first mindset to build quality software that meets the customer’s needs and expectations.

What You’ll do on the Data Platform Engineering Team at CircleCi

  • Design, build, and automate pipelines for ingesting data from across our product and third-party tools
  • Curate and maintain core data sets that power our most critical business processes and decisions
  • Help select, prototype, architect, and Implement tooling and libraries and build and maintain the infrastructure that support accessing our data in a variety of systems
  • Design and implement the processes that protect our customers’ data privacy through data governance and data security implementations like redaction and access control
  • Participate in an on-call rotation for our data platform services and infrastructure

    We’re particularly interested in these habits and tendencies

    • You work transparently and collaboratively within a distributed team.
    • You favor regular, incremental delivery of value over perfection.
    • You’re excited about ensuring that all of our systems-software and human-scale smoothly.
    • You strive for continuous learning and improvement for yourself and your team.


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