Software Engineer – Security/Data Privacy

Using your knowledge of secure web application development, you’ll be responsible for protecting the security and privacy of the millions of event attendees and community managers who use Bevy each day. By safeguarding Bevy’s data, you’ll keep us as the market leader in real life community software. You’ll be a mentor and leader to us all, bringing your own deep focus on security to our team of generalists. At the same time, you’ll work on the Bevy product, building out privacy and security related features for our end users.

Bevy is an early-stage startup with a mission to help brands build strong global communities. Founded in April 2017 by the core team behind Startup Grind, Bevy is an Enterprise-grade SaaS platform used by companies that include Adobe, Amazon, Asana, Atlassian, Duolingo, Ebay, Epic Games, IDEO, Intuit, MongoDB, Red Bull, Roblox, Salesforce, SAP, Slack and many more. In April 2019, Bevy acquired CMX which is the world’s largest network of community professionals. CMX offers world-class training, events and research.

The Bevy business and the development team are growing and we’re looking for you to add a fresh perspective on privacy and security to our mix as we scale to our next thousand customers.

Day to Day Responsibilities

  • Developing features to protect user and customer data, in Django and React.
  • Improving the security of existing features. Whether it’s for GDPR, SOC2, OWASP, or any other standard, you’re able to ensure that our code is in compliance.
  • You’ll participate in and run internal/external security audits and vulnerability testing.
  • You’ll be the primary reviewer for security & privacy issues in the team’s code.
  • You’ll also help educate our team – as a subject matter expert, you’ll set us on the path of all becoming experts as well.
  • Working closely with our DevOps engineers to ensure our cloud infrastructure remains secure.

You Might Be a Good Fit for This Role If

  • You’re a hands-on, full stack developer. You have strong knowledge of modern day web frameworks and development, and how to mitigate vulnerabilities, whether they’re in the OWASP top 10 or beyond. We use Django and React, but we think that if you’ve used similar frameworks like Rails or Express, you’ll be at home.
  • You’re familiar with the landscape of data privacy regulation (GDPR, CCPA, …) and the implications that has on developing enterprise grade software.
  • You’re comfortable with enterprise level security audits, like SOC2 or ISO 27001, and crafting a software development process that minimizes their disruption.
  • You’ve worked with privacy and compliance in the context of online payments.
  • You’ve been an internal advocate and security coach to engineering organizations.
  • You reside in North or South America. Yes, we are a distributed company, but since we are still small, we like to minimize the time zone spread within the team.
  • You are an excellent communicator. In our small team, English is the official language. You need to be able to articulate complex ideas efficiently and effectively. When people do not share an office, it is essential to pay extra attention to communication.

About the Bevy Engineering Team

The Bevy Engineering Team is currently a mix of engineers from across North America, united by our shared purpose of bringing people together in real life. For some of us, Bevy is our first job out of bootcamp, or university. For others, it’s not our first startup – some of us have founded startups before, or worked at startups with successful exits. Some of us run or participate in our own community events as well. We’ve grown together with Bevy as it has scaled from our first few customers to those we have today. We care a great deal about the right balance of startup scrappiness and reliable, auditable code. We share our learnings liberally.

We are a small but powerful team, dedicated to achieving our mission to bring more community to the world. Many of us have worked in community positions before and understand the struggles and peaks that come with the role. Our team communicates candidly, giving feedback early and often. We set ambitious goals, and do what it takes to achieve them, while making sure that we take care of our own personal health and mental wellbeing. We’ll want you to be ready to take on a lot of responsibility with guidance and mentorship along the way. We work to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and the communities we serve.

We’re excited by the challenges to come as Bevy scales to its next thousand customers. Will you join us on our journey?


Bevy is a customer to customer community management platform, that helps brands build their community in real life.

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