Software Engineer | Index Team

Successful search analytics requires an understanding of two things: how a search engine algorithm works and the data set that algorithm is applied to. The Index Team at Moz focuses on this second part and the data set we work with is an index of the internet itself. “Big data” is a popular buzzword these days but at Moz we really mean it! The index we create forms the backbone of Moz Pro which is used by over 20,000 business ranging from mom and pop stores to Fortune 500 titans.

What you will do: 

  • Use hundreds of computers to process petabytes of data and index 40 trillion records daily.
  • Design abstractions for data processing at scale.
  • Employ machine learning to create a rich index of the web.
  • Work on a 4 person team which has a daily impact on the success of the company.


Experience we want to see:

  • Several years of experience working on products which apply complex algorithms to solve large scale data problems.
  • A solid understanding of computer science fundamentals, not just an ability to write code.
  • Ideally, recent experience in C++, AWS and Linux or a demonstrated ability with comparable technologies and an ability to adapt quickly to new environments.
  • We would like to see experience working with systems which routinely handle petabyte sized datasets.
  • Solid communication skills – your resume should show not just your technical skills but should also make it clear how your work contributed to the success of the organization’s goals.


About Moz

Moz is the most trusted authority in online search with powerful SEO and Local Search platforms to help marketers improve the position of their brands, business locations and competitive rank in search results. Moz’s platforms are powered by world class-quality data, both robust and fresh enough to serve as the foundation upon which crucial business decisions are made. For both large enterprises looking to gain an edge in the increasingly complex and ever-changing world of search or an agency seeking an SEO platform to accelerate client growth, Moz has a solution. Check it out at

Some reasons why you’d want to work with us:

  • You want to play a big part in a small but profitable company who are industry leaders.
  • You do your best in a setting where excellent work is what’s valued—not face time (a good work-life balance is just how we do things!)
  • You value authenticity and a work environment that values who you are and what you can do.
  • You’re looking for a big challenge that involves lots of variety, collaboration, inventiveness, and on your toes thinking.
  • You want to work alongside people who are passionate, friendly, and helpful.

Our benefits include:

  • A strong commitment to work-life balance. We provide a $3,000 per calendar year vacation expense reimbursement for all employees as well as monthly home internet access and cell phone stipends.
  • Employer match contributions on retirement plans.
  • Generous paid time off and flexible work from home policies.
  • Personal career development including 10 face to face career coaching sessions a year.
  • Twice a year merit pay increases.
  • 100% match on charitable contributions up to $5,000/year.
  • Generous paid parental, medical and family leave policies to support you during major life events.

We value diversity, equity and inclusion.


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