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Gradle Inc. is the company behind the award-winning open source Gradle build tool and the commercial platform Gradle Enterprise.

We help software engineering teams to create a productive and joyful developer experience. You can learn why we believe it’s crucial and some of the ways our products help in our book.

About Gradle Build Tool

Gradle is the build tool of choice for millions of developers including state-of-the-art software engineering organizations like Netflix and LinkedIn, the official build tool for Android applications, and the most popular choice for new open-source JVM projects.

About Gradle Enterprise

Gradle Enterprise is a SaaS platform that derives deep insights from our customers’ Gradle and Apache Maven™ build data and presents them in a thoughtfully crafted, feature-rich UI that lives on top of a carefully architected, scalable back-end.

About the Team

All of our products are crafted by exceptionally committed and skilled developers, product designers, and marketing experts. Everyone at Gradle cares deeply about our company, our products, our customers, and the build automation domain in general. Our team is globally distributed but interacts daily through various communication channels.  We value interpersonal relationships and all of us meet in-person annually to connect as a group.

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is essential to our values. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives.

What we offer

  • Work on a fast-growing product with millions of users and a clear vision for the future.
  • Cooperation with highly accomplished engineers and the opportunity to learn from them regardless of your experience level.
  • Ability to work from any place on the planet in a remote-first environment with flexible working hours.

What we value

  • Unbreakable desire to make other software engineers more effective.
  • Ability to deeply consider and document tradeoffs inherent in software design.
  • Pragmatism in execution and getting things done.
  • Strong customer and community focus.
  • Egoless ownership of projects.

Bonus skills

  • Experience with delivering developer tooling.
  • Familiarity with the Gradle Build Tool.
  • Experience contributing to and leading open-source projects.
  • Experience with the diverse set of technologies used by our users.
  • Team leadership skills.
  • Consulting experience.


At Gradle, Inc our mission is to transform how software is built and shipped. We are the company behind both the popular open source Gradle Build Tool and our commercial product, Gradle Enterprise.

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