Software Engineer

Join us in migrating legacy software into cloud-native applications. We don’t lift and shift; we re-design, re-build and re-factor before re-deploying them as true cloud-native applications using the full-range of services.

You’ll love our approach to building world class software. Unit test coverage of 80%; not good enough. Rushed, poor quality code; not acceptable. We believe in long-term, maintainable code and we enforce it every single day. We don’t believe in technical debt so we always pay upfront.

Candidate Requirements:

  • You have a firm belief that you have put into personal practice: test-driven development.

  • A love for simple, clear, bullet proof-code and elegant solutions

  • An obsession with eliminating bad code; you can’t help but re-factor badly written code before inserting a line of your own

  • Minimum 2 years of professional experience in one of our 4 core languages; Java, C#, C++ or Javascript; deep specialization required

Key Responsibilities:

  • Write great code; always re-factor poor quality and replace it with great code. This is a core philosophy at Crossover

  • Delivery quality; implement 100% code coverage and at least 80% mutation coverage

  • Solution; find elegant solutions to solve difficult bugs

  • Become a great software developer who is incapable of poor delivery

What you will be doing:

As a Software Engineer at Crossover, you will:

  • Sharpen your coding skills by practicing test driven development in our portfolio of cloud products.

  • Write great code the first time, all the time; eliminating bad legacy code to drive up the quality our products.

  • Receive daily feedback on every single line of code you’ve written so you can improve your skills exponentially.

  • Spend your first 4-weeks in RemoteU, Crossover’s renowned training bootcamp that equips you with the skills required to succeed as a fully remote Software Engineer

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